Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Round 34 Summary

In Round 33's summary, I said that round took forever but this one really took forever! I enjoyed it (crashing issues and pink flashing aside) but I am glad to say goodbye to it as well. Here's a rundown of what went on.

Births: 4 (Alex MorettiCole HamiltonWren Novak and Oscar and Stella Lachance)

Deaths: 1 (Hanna Novak)

Engagements: 3 (Jack and Audrey BentonAmar Hamilton and Adrienne NovakEdward Lachance and Lucy Gray)

Marriages: 2 (Malcolm and Hope NovakJack and Audrey Benton)

Break-ups: 0

Graduations: 4 Anthony and Veronica Moretti, Noah Gottlieb, Adelaide Sitko

New residents: 0

Total population: 146 (72 males and 74 females)

Babies: 4
Toddlers: 7
Children: 24
Teens: 13
Adults: 76
Elders: 22

I've put new residents as zero but that can't be right. The population count was 139 last round but I've gone up by 7, with only 4 babies and 1 death. So apparently, 4 people entered the hood, somehow? I have no idea who they were, so I haven't listed them. Just noting that I am aware of the discrepancy!

Friday, 27 December 2013


Round 34: December 2040 (Summer)

Gordon Nott is 44, Lia is 43, Georgina and Annabel are 16, Gabriel is 13 and Peter is 3.
(Brendan is 17, Bianca is 14, Ramona is 13, Willow is 5, River is 3 and Wren is 10 months old)
Narrated by Annabel Nott

Georgina, Gabriel and I have been off school for our Christmas break and it’s pretty awesome.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Better to be

Round 34: December 2040 (Summer)

Tate Benton is 70 and Zelda is 65.
(Josie is 38, Charlie and Jack are 28, Camilla is 27, Grace and Everett are 10, Jude is 8 and Andrew is 4.) 

Narrated by Tate Benton

For the first year in a long time, Zelda and I won’t be hosting Christmas at our house. Camilla and Charlie have a house suitable for entertaining now, so they’re going to do it this year.

Friday, 13 December 2013

In this world

Round 34: November 2040 (Spring)

Steve Nihill is 45, Olivia is 43, Ramona is 13, Jacinta is 10 and Theo is 5. 
(Bianca is 14, Ruby and Gabriel are 13, Charlotte is 11 and Grace is 10)
Narrated by Olivia Nihill

Steve and I finally admitted to ourselves that we’d outgrown our old house and moved to this new place, not very far from where we used to live.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Lot tour: Steve and Olivia's house

I haven't been doing a lot tour for all of my new houses but seeing I actually built this one, I thought it was definitely warranted!

The next family in the play schedule is the Nihill household, so obviously, they needed a house. I had them living in a lovely downloaded one with all the bedrooms on the basement level. When I moved them in, I thought that wouldn't annoy me but it only took about 30 seconds trying to decorate it for me to realise that it was going to drive me insane! Then I actually went insane and decided to build a house, which I very rarely do.

So here it is.

As is customary when I build houses, the rooms are all way too big. ;) But better too big than too small. Maybe?

Saturday, 30 November 2013


Round 34: November 2040 (Spring)

Linnea Lane is 80, Eliot is 54, Cordy is 47, Simon and Matthew are 15 and Charlotte is 11.
(Athena is 80, Luc is 47, Tim is 20, Annabel is 16 and Aurora is 14)

Narrated by Matthew Lane

A few months back, we had my grandma Linnea move in with us.

Friday, 22 November 2013

You say it's your birthday, November 2040

November 2040 (Spring)

The first trimester of Patience Ashton's surprise third pregnancy was not pleasant.

Patience is now into her second trimester, her morning sickness is over and she and Rob have told Felicity and Patrick that they'll be getting a new brother or sister soon enough.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Expanded genetics

In the notes for my last update, I talked about the new genetic system I'm using and said I would chase up the link to the thread, if anyone was interested. Tanja was and on the chance she wasn't the only one, I'm adding it here too.

So...Simmerville at The Sims Daily started this fantastic thread quite a while ago, talking about his/her (most simmers seem to be female but Simmerville has always used male avatars, so I think they might be a guy?) genetic system in TS3, used to decide whether a sim will have freckles, glasses and their level of hairiness. It's an interesting read.

If you're a member of N99, you can also read this thread, where I talk a bit about how I'm planning to adapt it to my own game. I'd never really thought about an actual system for this kind of thing before but I was immediately excited when I read Simmerville's thread!

It's almost a year later now (wow!) and I've been thinking about this a bit and deciding how I will implement it into my own game. I'm going to write this as if you've read Simmerville's original post in the thread I linked to, so go read that!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Dog paddle

Round 34: October 2040 (Spring)
last update/next update

Jonas Lachance is 62, Tatiana is 57 and Brendan is 17. 
(Corbin and Pamela are 55, Dominic is 30, Leslie is 29, Jack and Audrey are 28, Edward and Lucy are 25, Georgina is 16 and Oscar and Stella are 8 months old.)

Narrated by Jonas Lachance

Tatiana and I became grandparents in February, when Dominic and Leslie welcomed Oscar and Stella into the world. We were so thrilled to become grandparents at all and then to get two grandchildren at once was almost too much!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

You say it's your birthday, October 2040

Another month in Sullivan and another little boy celebrating his first birthday!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Love like a sunset

Round 34: September 2040 (Spring)

(Jonas is 62, Tatiana is 57 and Veronica is 22)
Narrated by Edward Lachance

Chris finished his master’s last year and he’s been really enjoying the extra free time. I often see him curled up on the couch after work taking a nap, just because he can now.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Day in, day out

Round 34: September 2040 (Spring)

Augustin and Hanna Novak are 85, Naomi is 65 and Owen is 63. 
(James is 65, Eliot is 54, Amar is 39, Adrienne is 33, Malcolm is 30, Hope is 29 and Beau is 2)

Narrated by Naomi Novak

We woke up one morning last week to discover Mum had passed away in her sleep. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

You say it's your birthday, September 2040

It's September and it's time for Curtis Clarke to celebrate his first birthday!

Friday, 11 October 2013

The only one I know

Round 34: August 2040 (Winter)

Anthony Moretti is 23 and Noah Gottlieb is 22.
(Wade is 50 and Mitchell is 21)

Narrated by Noah Gottlieb

Anthony wasn’t too thrilled with my levels of cleanliness when I moved in but thankfully, he’s given up on nagging me now and has hired a maid.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lot tour: Anthony and Noah's place

I'm ready to play (as soon as I get the time!) but I thought I'd put up this lot tour anyway, seeing you guys seem to like them. :) This is Anthony and Noah's place. To refresh your memories, Anthony and Noah are best friends and first cousins. Anthony won quite a bit of money as a teenager, which his parents held in trust for him. Right after college, he bought a house and Noah moved in as a roomie. I lost that first house when I rebuilt my hood but this is one of the cases where I actually don't care at all. This one is much more suited to Anthony than the other one (which I don't think you guys ever saw).

Anyway! The house is from MTS and is mostly untouched on the outside, apart from changing the fence. I don't like low fences all the way around a lot, personally.

Friday, 27 September 2013


Round 34: August 2040 (Winter)

Rob Ashton is 39, Patience is 38, Felicity is 7 and Patrick is 4. 
(Claudia is 39, Josie is 38, Daphne is 9, Jude is 8, Iris is 6 and Andrew is 4)

Narrated by Patience Ashton

I don’t want to push her into anything but I really do think Felicity could follow in my footsteps one day.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lot tour: Rob and Patience's place

I hope to have a story update for you soon but I thought I'd throw up a lot tour of Rob and Patience's new house in the meantime.

Here is the exterior. I downloaded the house from MTS. It was intended for another family (can't even remember who now!) at first but when I checked it out in game, it seemed a bit fancy for them. I thought of Rob and Patience right away though, so I moved them in. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Shaking through

Round 34: July 2040 (Winter)

Luc Lane is 47, Asha is 44, Ruby is 13, Marcus is 11 and Felix is 9. 
(Ramona is 13)

Narrated by Ruby Lane

Our family got a new member this month, when I adopted a stray cat, who I named Boots.

Monday, 12 August 2013

15 minutes

Round 34: June 2040 (Winter)

Miles Jacobson is 37, Matilda is 34 and Phoebe is 3.
(Claudio is 59, Virginia is 48, Lia is 43, Maia is 38, Ethan is 34, Adrienne is 33, Alice is 14, Willow is 5, River and Peter are 3 and Beau is 2)

Narrated by Matilda Jacobson

My career has been going very well and honestly, with the money I was making, it didn’t make much sense for me and Miles to stay in our tiny house in Sullivan. So we bought a new place!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Carry that weight

Round 34: June 2040 (Winter)

Emil Collins is 68 and Anna is 62. 
(Naomi is 65, Owen is 63, Rebecca is 31, Susannah, Nathan and Malcolm are 30 and Julia and Hope are 29)

Narrated by Emil Collins

Anna has mostly stopped sniping at me about my drink driving conviction, though she starts it up again every time she has to drive me somewhere. 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lot tour: Anna and Emil's house

Anna and Emil are the family up in my game, so like everyone else, they needed a new house. I did this one for them this week. You can download the original version from MTS. I've changed the layout slightly, because I just can't with front doors opening into the kitchen! Just one of my little things.

So here it is! There is also a pretty awesome pool off to the side, which you can't see. You can probably see it better at MTS. I've barely touched the outside at all. Please don't mind the windows! I meant to change them all to the ones on the right but apparently, I got distracted. ;)

Sunday, 7 July 2013


Round 34: May 2040 (Autumn)

Rose and Joanna Draper are 45, Sylvia is 14 and Will and Levi are 8.
(Annabel is 16, Matthew and Simon are 15, Aurora and Alice are 14 and Zac is 6)

Narrated by Sylvia Draper

The pottery store is closed at the moment, in preparation to move, so Mum is taking the opportunity to replenish the stock. She wants to make sure there are plenty of pieces to put back on the shelves when she reopens. 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lot Tour: Veronaville Villa Makeover

For the N99 Project in May, the challenge was to make over the Veronaville Villa, a house in the EA hood of Veronaville and turn it into a community lot. I didn't get started on it until June, because I had absolutely no clue what I was going to do with it! You've already seen this lot in the last update but I thought some of you might want to take a closer look at it as well.

Welcome to Exeter's as-yet-unnamed day spa, selectively photographed here so you can't see that there is bamboo poking through the roof at several points. ;)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Future reflections

Round 34: May 2040 (Autumn)

Araminta Romilly is 77, Victoria and Finn are 39, Caitlin is 17 and Keira is 9.
(Rebecca is 31, Declan is 19, Brendan is 17 and Annabel is 16)

Narrated by Caitlin Romilly

For Mother’s Day this year, Keira and I took Mum to a day spa that just opened not far from our house. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013


Round 34: April 2040 (Autumn)

David Sitko is 58 and Kirstin is 56.
(Charlie is 28, Camilla, Lila and Connor are 27, Sebastian is 24, Adelaide is 22, Grace and Everett are 10)

Narrated by David Sitko

Kirstin and I are really pleased with the neighbourhood we live in these days. Anyone would say it’s a lovely place to live and it’s close to so many things we like to do as well.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

We'll inherit the earth

Round 34: April 2040 (Autumn)
last update/next update

Abigail Carmody is 57, Jesse is 55 and Austin is 19. 
(Jonas is 62, Nick is 37, Sarah is 35, Mitchell is 21, Declan, Justin, Xavier and Lauren are 19,  Thomas is 9, Ryan is 8 and Catherine is 6)

Narrated by Austin Carmody

Once Lauren went off to college, Mum and Dad started to look around for a new house. Seeing I’m still living at home for the time being, I moved with them. Most people downsize when their kids leave home but this place is actually bigger.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Benton-Lachance wedding

Round 34: April 2040 (Autumn)

When we first got engaged, Jack and I were hoping to hold the wedding at home but we didn’t get very far into planning before we realised it was going to be much more work than we’d counted on!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

She bangs the drums

Round 34: March 2040 (Autumn)

Emma Gottlieb, Jessica Royce-Nihill and Louisa Gentry are 20 and Lauren Carmody is 19. 
(Sophie is 27 and Justin is 19)

Narrated by Emma Gottlieb

I guess Lauren wasn’t busy enough this semester, because she's decided to start up The Suffolk Sun, a campus newspaper. She says it’s going to look awesome on her resume once she gets out in the real world and wants to start writing. 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Where are you?

Round 34: March 2040 (Autumn)
last update/Mitchell's next update/next update

Mitchell Carmody is 21 and Tim Lane and Eddie Gentry are 20.
(Eliot is 54, Cordy is 47 and Lauren is 19)

Narrated by Tim Lane

At the end of last year, Mitchell’s girlfriend Dixie decided to transfer to another university for her senior year, so they’ve been doing the long distance thing this semester.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Major leagues

Round 34: March 2040 (Autumn)

(Louisa and Jessica are 20 and Austin is 19)

Narrated by Declan Romilly

We’ve just started classes again for the semester and Justin has been spending most of his spare time at the natural history museum.