Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Nott-Novak 1

Gordon and Lia met in high school, when Gordon was dating Lia's best friend Ione. Ione and Gordon broke up in their freshman year of college and Gordon got together with Lia when she arrived on campus the following year.

Unfortunately, the relationship didn't last long the first time around. Lia found out about a fling Gordon had had with a fellow student and ended things quickly afterwards. Gordon tried for the remainder of college to win Lia back but was not ultimately successful until they had both graduated and had started their careers back in Sullivan - Lia as a librarian and Gordon as a journalist. They got married in 2023.

The following year, they welcomed twins Annabel and Georgina, followed by Gabriel three years later. By that time, Gordon had grown dissatisfied with journalism and right before Gabriel started school, Gordon enrolled in law school. Gordon's years in law school were a strain for the family, emotionally and financially but his graduation finally brought some more stability to the Notts, when Gordon was finally able to start working as a lawyer.

Gordon and Lia thought they were finished with children, until Lia became pregnant unexpectedly. That pregnancy resulted in youngest son, Peter, born when Lia was 40 years old.

In 2043, Lia and Gordon invited Lia's parents Jace and Magdalena to move in with them. They now live in Annabel's old bedroom.

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