Monday, 29 June 2009

El Scorcho

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Zaria Royce

Asha was crushed to leave behind the playground but she didn't have much choice. Mum and Dad got a great deal on a house and had to act quickly.

Sunday, 28 June 2009


Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Drusilla Clarke

Ever since her divorce, Linnea has been talking about getting married again. You'd think divorce would make her a little nervous about another marriage but she's online every day, looking for someone new.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

There's a place

Round 18: Days 86-90
Last update: Jonas/Pascal and Mina

Next update: Jonas/Pascal and Mina

Narrated by Jonas Lachance

One of the nights soon after I got back from college, we shared the first family dinner we'd had in a while.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Pictures of you

Round 18: Days 86-90
Narrated by Augustin Novak

Mum never got to finish her insect collection. She had one bug to go, she even spotted it several times, but she was never able to grab it.

Fast as you can

Sullivan Primary School: Round 18

I said yesterday that it was a huge enrolment at the primary school this round and I was not exaggerating.

I think that's all of them in this picture - there are 15 kids! None are townies, these are all the offspring of actual Sullivan and Exeter residents. This was the first time I had to use a second teacher and the natural choice was Hanna, Augustin's wife.


Round 18: Days 86-90
You wouldn't think I had a job but I actually do! I'm still a dancer but I've been at home a lot with Maia lately. She's just reached the age where she's getting into things she shouldn't, so I'm glad I can be there with her.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Out with the tide

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Tate Benton

I have to pull all my fancy cooking tricks early in the morning before everyone gets up. Xanthia freaks out about having eggs permanently stuck to the ceiling. But I'm an expert and I totally know what I'm doing.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Heaven's never letting me in

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Madelyn Nihill

We were all feeling a little cramped in the triplex so James and I started looking into buying a house. We found a great one not far from our old place and we moved in as soon as we could. Aaron loves it already. The floor of his nursery is covered with toys.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Wave of mutilation

Round 18: Days 86-90
Last update: Anna/the rest

Narrated by Anna Carmody

When I moved in with Emil, he moved his bed (well, our bed now) into the bedroom vacated by David and Caleb. I insisted on it - no way was I going to sleep in a basement!

Friday, 19 June 2009

There is a light that never goes out

Round 18: Days 86-90
Our nanny finally had enough of us not being able to pay her, so she quit. I can't blame her really. I wouldn't work for free. We've been lucky that Henry and I both have some paid vacation days that we've been able to use, which will tide us over until Finn starts school.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

If we can't get it together

So I've graduated and moved back in with my parents. The whole reason I went to college was to become a lawyer and now I am one and I can't get a job with a law firm. None are hiring. So I'm doing tabloid journalism instead. How prestigious.

Dark ages

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Max Nihill

Sigh. I'm getting really sick of working and going to school. I'm hoping college will actually be some sort of break from this drudgery. It's actually the only reason I'm still working - there's a scholarship for kids who do well in their after-school jobs.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Insane children and more tidbits from TS3 pt. 2

Back in Sunset Valley and Eliana is not happy about Mummy being pregnant again. Or who knows why she's ranting really?

Insane children and more tidbits from TS3 pt. 1

I made a new family in TS3 because I want to see the rice throwing at the wedding and that didn't quite work out for me with the Chapmans (Eloise and Connor). So meet Summer Montgomery and Doug Lennon, who have just moved to Riverview.

I started them out as roommates, so the bathroom situation in their tiny house was a problem. More for Summer. Doug doesn't seem like he minds all that much.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Playing TS3 for real

I've decided who I'm going to play in Sunset Valley. I've even turned aging and story progression on and am just focusing on two families.

The first is an EAxis family but the most awesome EAxis family ever created.

This is Gobias Koffi who, in my game, has changed his name to Tobias Funke. Because let's face it, that's who he's supposed to be and I've never met an Arrested Development reference I didn't like.

Monday, 8 June 2009

I finally made some Sims and other assorted things

I was up far too late making Sims last night. I haven't moved them in yet so there aren't any real pictures (the camera works in CAS, but seemingly only for full length shots) but the pics on the Exchange are actually pretty clear. So here's Eloise and here's Connor. I don't think I'll be making things all the time but I wanted to see how the Exchange worked and also to see if they are as deletion-happy as the TS2 exchange is.

Eventually, I'm going to play these two as housemates, with a view to getting them married. I have checked out the possible offspring in CAS and they make some real cuties, so I'm looking forward to it!

I haven't decided what I want to do in regards to story progression and life span. If I continue to jump around the hood, I will probably turn aging and story progression on and bump the lifespan up to the longest possible. If I play them legacy style, I might turn SP and aging on and leave the settings as is. I may or may not blog them. Right now, I'm leaning towards occasional, very short updates and keeping TS2 as the major focus.

The aforementioned assorted things:

Sunday, 7 June 2009

TS3 randomness

I've been playing TS3 for a while now and I've finally pulled myself away from it long enough to put up a post with some of my thoughts (and pictures, of course)!

First of all, pictures in TS3 are BIG! Easily big enough to use as a desktop background, if you so choose and gorgeous quality. I've heard some of the screen grab programs are taking kind of crappy shots but these are from the in game camera and they're lovely. You can click all of these and see them full size (or as full size as Photobucket allows, I haven't checked. Bigger than TS2 pics anyway).

I had a whole bunch of other pictures but I deleted them all. I was having a weird problem where all three speeds were the same, so I had turned a lot of settings down in an effort to fix it (didn't work, by the way). The next day when I loaded though, it was running beautifully so I turned them all up and ended up deleting my other screenshots. I restarted Sunset Valley to use the default skins I downloaded.

Here's Mortimer Goth on his way to the art gallery. That's the school he's cycling by there.

Friday, 5 June 2009


Narrated by Betsy Carmody

Just as I was about to leave for work, I came across a young guy standing in our front yard. Most people would move along quickly after being caught loitering in someone's front yard but he just waved at me, like he was supposed to be there.

Weekend wars

Round 18: Sullivan High School

So while I'm waiting for TS3 to install, I thought I'd put a little school update up. I'll probably do future school updates separately too, because it's making more sense to do it that way in my muddled brain. Betsy Carmody is the new principal, which I think I have mentioned before. I have also played through her family's round, in which quite a bit happened, and I'll try to get that ready too.

Betsy's dad raised both of his daughters to have a love for music, so the first thing she does when she takes over Sullivan High is convert one of the disused classrooms into a music room. Wade and Eliot are thrilled. Wade was raised around music but Eliot's only ever been able to play music at school.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Until you break

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Arianna Weaver

We've had to sell one of the dogs. Taking care of 5 enormous full-grown dogs was just too much for Liam and me, so we found one of the youngest ones a good home with Ottilie Draper.

Twin falls

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Megan Kirby

Due to a malfunctioning sprinkler, the entire season's crop was destroyed. Brandon took it all in his stride though and simply pulled all the plants out and used them for compost instead.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Round 17 Summary

What happened in the round that was going to be the last and then wasn't? All this stuff!

Births: 9 (Claudia and Victoria Kirby, Jacob Weaver, Finn Romilly, Aaron Novak, Josie Benton, Maia Novak, Nicholas Moretti, Patience Draper)

Deaths: 3 (Lukas Novak, Nathalie Draper, Isaac Gottlieb)

Engagements: 3 (Betsy and Kimberly Carmody, Samson and Kendal Clarke, Emil Collins and Anna Carmody)

Marriages: 3 (Betsy and Kimberly Carmody, Tate and Zelda Benton, Samson and Kendal Clarke)

Break-ups: 1 (Debbie and Linnea Lane)

Graduations: 3 (Anna Carmody, Jonas Lachance, Owen Nihill)

New residents: 1 (Kimberly Carmody)

Total population: 80 (34 male, 46 female)
Babies: 1
Toddlers: 8
Children: 8
Teens: 6
Young Adults: 4
Adults: 42
Elders: 11

This one's mine

Narrated by Abigail Lachance

I was planning to take Nicholas to college with me and live alone but Caleb, even though he's not enrolling, decided to come with me and get a job to help out. So this is how our mornings go right now. I get up and tend to the baby.


Round 17: College

The new influx of students has arrived at Suffolk University and Anna Carmody has taken a liking to one of those students in particular. David Moretti certainly seems to have grown up since since Anna last laid eyes on him!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Round 17: Days 81-85

Narrated by Kendal Kalson

I'm an amateur astronomer, so I'm usually outside with the telescope at night long after everyone else has gone to bed.

Styrofoam boots

Round 17: Days 81-85

Narrated by Adam Gottlieb

Athena has been wanting a holiday since before we got married, so I finally relented and dragged the whole family to Cape Elizabeth. We stayed right on the beach, in little bungalows. Wade and Joanna discovered that they love sandcastles. By the end of our trip, there were sandcastles in various states of disrepair all up and down the shore.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Space oddity

Round 17: Days 81-85

Narrated by Ottilie Draper

Of all of us, Mum was the one who had the least amount of opportunity to bond with Rose, so she's been taking every opportunity to do that when she has the time.