Wednesday, 19 August 2009

With arms outstretched

Round 19: Summer 2009-10

Augustin and Hanna Novak are both 55, Naomi is 35, Owen Nihill is 33 and Adrienne is 3
(Madelyn is 30, Kimberly is 39 and Collette is 65).

Narrated by Naomi Novak

I'd never advise any of my clients to dye their own hair but I figure being a gold level cosmetologist, I could handle doing my own hair. I've decided to go back to my natural colour. I was getting bored of being a redhead.

I can't even remember why I dyed it in the first place. It might have been an offhand remark Owen made about thinking redheads were sexy or something. Turns out he thinks brunettes are pretty sexy too. This one, anyway!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you! After being engaged for two whole years, Owen and I are finally getting married. We settled on an outdoor wedding at home but let me tell you, when I stepped outside on the morning of the ceremony, I was regretting that choice. It was hot!

But you know, the morning of the wedding is a little late to be making last minute changes! We're married now and that's what counts.

Adrienne got a new dress for the occasion. Mum bought it for her. I think the bloomers were a little much but what could I really say? She did look really adorable in it.

I looked over at the guests right after the ceremony and noticed Kimberly didn't look too happy. I was hoping for a drama-free wedding but already, it looked like that wouldn't happen.

Ugh, Collette drives me crazy sometimes and my wedding day was one of those times! We get along okay about 50% of the time but then she'll start acting like our conversation is mind-numbingly boring and fix her nails or just walk off completely. Owen says she's like that with everyone but I just can't deal with her sometimes.

But Adrienne adores her grandma and Collette is actually really good with kids (how, I don't know!). So I'm going to make an effort to keep things civil between us.

It was at this point that I realised the reason Kimberly was looking so angry before - Dad! He's been getting grouchier as he's gotten older and I guess Kimberly did something to piss him off and he made a rude remark. Or she did nothing at all and he made a rude remark. It doesn't take much these days.

So I just put out that fire and was starting to mingle again when Mum passed out from heat exhaustion.

Madelyn was the next casualty. Our guests were dropping like flies, so we moved the reception inside pronto!

It was a little late by then though. Owen was looking very flushed from the heat, my brothers were both sunburnt...yeesh, what a disaster!

And my poor baby was all red in the face too! She was outside with Collette for the whole reception, so it was no wonder!

Post reception, I got started on the clean-up, while Owen lazed around on the couch. He said it was too hot to do anything. I thought to myself, "This better not be a sign of things to come!"

Thankfully, it was not!

I was eager to get back to the salon, so Owen agreed to do the stay-at-home dad thing on his days off. Mum, Dad and I come home to a clean house and a sleeping toddler!

Speaking of the salon, it's at Level 6 now and it's doing really well. I'm thinking I should become a stylist to help some of these poor souls dress a little better though! I can't believe what some of them walk in wearing!

Collette came in to nose around, so of course, I offered to do her hair free of charge. She must have been in a particularly grumpy mood that day, because her thank you was more like a grunt. And I did a damn good job!

I've come to the conclusion that there's some sort of weird attraction toddlers have to dog beds and there's not much I can do about it. Eliot loved it when he was little and Adrienne crawls in there every time we turn our backs. We just pick her up and carry her to crib, still fast asleep.

That often leaves us a few hours with the house to ourselves in the afternoon, which is plenty of time for a quickie (or much more than that!). I think we might have forgotten something kind of important on one of these afternoons. I'm late and I'm never late!

Random pics:

"I wasn't eating your food, doggy, I swear!"

Awww! They're actually good friends. Poor old Zeke won't be around much longer, so this is kind of sad.

Naomi cheating at chess like she always does. I just love her face here.

It's almost 5 years since TS2 came out and I still giggle at the Romance Sims' walk. The male strut is funny but I love the sexy walk the women do. It is so over the top and hilarious!

  • If you're curious, Naomi is pregnant and no, they weren't trying! This is an oops baby, just like Adrienne was - both a result of risky woohoo! Oops Baby #2 is due in Spring 2010. I'm hoping he/she looks more like Naomi. Adrienne looks pretty much exactly like Owen (who looks exactly like Collette, bar colouring), so I'd like to mix it up a bit.
  • I don't have a period hack or anything, so Naomi isn't really late. But Naomi seems to be one of those lucky women who gets through pregnancy with no adverse symptoms at all though, so the only clue she'd have that another baby was on the way would be being late. So for the purposes of the story, she's late. I didn't want to not say anything at all and then have her turn up at a wedding looking like she's about to pop, so I just snuck it in at the end there.
  • Speaking of weddings, I'm going to do a mini-update in Winter 2010 for David and Kirstin's wedding. They got engaged in Winter 2009, so I figure it's time. With this new system, I think it's more realistic if they get engaged and then I visit them for the wedding 6-12 months later. That seems like a decent amount of time in which you could conceivably plan a wedding.


  1. Can sims really get over heated like that from being outside too long? I have never seen that.Though I couldn't stop giggling. What a way to make a wedding memory.

    So baby number two is on the way. *yay* Yeah, she's lucky. Some sims can't even get knocked and try all the time. I'm happy for them!

  2. OMG, all the heat stroke! She wasn't kidding about it being hot! I've never seen it get that hot in my game (but I'd love it to, lol!), do you have a mod for that?

    What a lovely setup for their wedding though! And her dress was gorgeous! I swear I've never seen you reuse a wedding dress, or use a Maxis one! How many wedding dresses do you have? :)

    I'm glad they're having another baby because Adrienne is just adorable!

  3. Wow-I've never seen the heat stroke, nor the romance sim strut, but then again, that's another reason why I'm staying with TS2 to experience all those things.

    A very beautiful wedding and can't wait to see the new baby.

  4. Riverdale, yep, they were just standing outside. Formalwear is slightly warmer than everyday wear so that probably sped up the heat exhaustion somewhat!

    Laura, I don't have Celebrations, so I don't even have any Maxis wedding dresses, except the base game one (which I never use). Athena wore Adam's mother's wedding dress at their wedding but I don't know if anyone else has reused a dress. I don't know how many gowns I have but I always feel like I need more. I'm actually going shopping right after I finished up here because I'm running low! I love weddings and I like every bride to have a unique dress, if possible. But I'm apparently as interested in mens' formalwear in TS2 as I am in real life, because I barely even pay attention to what they're wearing, as long as it's some suit-like thing!

    As for the heat, the Lot Debugger has an option "Heat From Hell". I use it when I need to change a lot from Winter to Summer, because sometimes the temperature doesn't reset. I'm not sure if I used it for this lot but I may have.

    Apple Valley, they do the strut if you direct them to do a romantic interaction (or if they do one on their own) and the intended target is far away. I don't know if they do it every time but that's what you have to watch out for.

    I'm excited about the baby too because I was pretty sure they weren't going to try on their own!

  5. Yay, a new baby is on the way!

    The wedding area looks really wonderful. May I ask WCIF the chairs and the arch?

    I've been wondering about Owen's tattoos. Is is a mod of some kind or are they part of the skintone?

  6. LOL at everyone fainting! I always loved that about Seasons. Well that, and freezing. :)

    I have a feeling their marriage will hold up for quite a bit.

  7. LOL! That's certainly a very memorable wedding! ;)

    I love that romance sim strut. It's so funny to see then strutting around like they know they're hot stuff.

    Yay for the upcoming baby!

  8. Thanks for your comments, everyone! It was definitely a memorable wedding!

    CissieMae, the wedding stuff is from MTS2.

    The same creator also has a bunch of different functional wedding cakes up for download, which you may have seen in a couple of my weddings (Arianna and Liam had one, as did Samson and Kendal).

    Cheezy, I hope their marriage lasts! Owen cheated on Naomi while he was at college but he doesn't get romantic wants for anyone else any more. Naomi is Romance and she gets the generic 3 Woohoos-type wants but her specific wants are only for Owen. So good signs, I guess!

    I actually hate the freezing. Mostly because it takes so damn long for the blue skin to go away. Leontine's walking around the neighbourhood with blue skin right now because she just randomly walked into the Sitkos' yard last winter and started playing chess. As you do.

  9. Those whoops babies get you everytime. I did a serious LOL at all the people passed out at the reception. Good thing Naomi didn't freak out

  10. LOL! That was a heck of a wedding. I think these two make one very cute couple. Especially playing around on the couch. Haha, just like newlyweds.

    Is Owen's tattoo on a skin or are you using an overlay? I can't remember if you've mentioned it before.

  11. Oops, forgot to answer CissieMae's question about Owen's tattoo, so since it's been asked again, I'll finally answer!

    Owen's tattoo is an overlay. I have a lot of them in my game. Owen is using one from Morague's original object, which you can get here:

    I also have some that are coloured and give a bit more variety and they're by SpaceDoll:

    Cartoonish tattoos:

    Sailor Jerry Vintage-style tattoos:

    Tattoos from various Maxis clothing, converted to overlays:

    I'll add all this stuff to my custom content posts, because I've been asked a few times.

    And yeah, Naomi and Owen are really cute together. It's funny because I just sort of threw them together as teens and was not particularly interested in the pairing. But they've really grown on me.

    Heredon, Naomi is super-shy so I figure all her freak-outs would be internal. She wouldn't want to draw too much attention to herself!

  12. Thanks for the tattoo info :)

  13. Oh my goodness that is a wedding they will definitely remember! I love throwing weddings! I can't wait until one of my sims in the new hood gets married! I love her dress! My risky woo-hoo seems to not work very well at all. Which sucks since I have a new hood and need babies to keep it going! I can't wait to see their new addition!

  14. Honestly, Naomi and Owen are an anomaly because I haven't had that many instances of risky woohoo in Sullivan. Filippo was an oops baby, as was Tatiana and I know there was one or or maybe two more but that's about it.

    I mean, you could up the chances but I understand not wanting to do that. I have all these little rules for myself that I'd consider cheating if I broke them. Yet I max motives whenever I feel like it.

  15. Bloody Fantastic Wedding! I LOVE that they are burnt and passing out on the terrace. I haven't had that happen for weddings, but have from kids playing outside, or gardening.

  16. That was a very... interesting wedding lol. But it was very pretty. I would've bet money that you had Celebrations at the time and that's where the wedding stuff came from. Thanks for the link! I grabbed those right away!

    I do have a wcif to add to the list. Do you remember where you got Kimberly's black dress that she wore to the wedding? It's really pretty and I can't tell if its an EAxis dress (I can always tell by the shoes but you can't see them).

  17. Thanks, Danielle. I have Celebrations now but I didn't for a long time because I wasn't so much in for the stuff packs. But I found that, K&B and Glamour for about $5 each while I was shopping a few months ago and thought "why not?"

    Ha, EAxis always use those stumpy little heels. I used a Celebrations dress for my bridesmaids in my most recent wedding (my weddings now are usually pretty elaborate) and the whole time, I kept thinking "no one would wear those shoes with that dress!" But in answer to your question, I think Kimberly's dress might be a Rose dress. It's definitely from a site I don't go to for clothing very often.