Friday, 14 August 2009

Spring birthdays 2009

Megan has woken up once again with an urgent need to reach the bathroom and is now wide awake, unable to sleep. To pass the time, she gives one of Victoria's video games a go.

Just as she's about to give up, she feels it's time for Baby Kirby #3 to make his/her entrance!

And it's a her! Or a girl, if you'd prefer. Rebecca Caroline's birth has meant Leontine's piano and violin have had to be squished into the master bedroom but babies need cribs and there's not much anyone can do about that!

  • Another girl! This is not doing anything to address the serious gender imbalance I have going on in this hood. Send out boy vibes for Tatiana and Anna!


  1. Sending boy baby vibes your way. That is how Oasis Valley is but it is not that important since my Sims are restricted to only marrying townies for now.

  2. Another girl! How sweet! I was curious what they would name their next baby.

    I seem to have a serious shortage of boys in my game as well. Out of my children generation, there is only 1 boy and 6 girls. Nice selection for young Peter, not so much for the girls.

  3. What is it about girl streaks??? I have a huge girl-streak in my teenagers right now. I also had a huge girl-streak among my 20-somethings. And in my history of playing this game, I don't think I've ever had a boy-streak. I think the programming is off ;)

    Anyway, welcome Rebecca, even if you are a girl! :)

    And that is a gorgeous crib she has too! Do you remember where you found that?

  4. Welcome baby Rebecca! :)

    I'm having a girl streak right now too (with Zared and Carol's twin boys being the only exception), but I don't mind so much because during my last baby boom I had a big boy streak. So I'm actually enjoying seeing girls being born into the families, although a few more boys in this generation would be nice. ;)

  5. My girls both teen and child are three more than my boys. So I think I'm sorta even. LOL

    But welcome to the hood Rebecca! I love that crib. Your CC always surprises me. Where do you find them? (like I need more downloads)

  6. Sullivan is the opposite of Oasis Valley, in that I try to avoid townies where I can so this girl streak is quite a crisis for me!

    I don't think I've ever had a boy streak either but I've had many, many girl streaks. I actually always seem to have too many girls. Boy streaks would not be as big a problem for me but I like to pair the girls up as soon as I can, because there's the fertility issue to think about. Boys are fertile forever, so I don't worry so much about them.

    As for the crib, it's from a set called Mere Folly. The nice thing is it's a full set, not just the crib and changing table. It even has an activity table.

    Anyway, the set comes from Parsimonious. Here's the direct link:

  7. Thanks for the link. I love Parsimonious!

    I've had boy streaks when what I really wanted was girls. Maybe that's the key, eh? XD

  8. It must be! I'm hoping the girl streak ends with Tatiana or Anna (or both, preferably).

    Actually, Tatiana has already had her baby but I haven't written the birthdays entry yet, so I'm keeping my mouth shut until I do!