Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Benton 1

Audrey and Jack began as friends in primary school and along with Jack's brother Charlie, they were inseparable through much of their childhood.

As they became teenagers, Jack developed a huge crush on Audrey but unfortunately for him, so did Charlie and it was Charlie who Audrey ended up dating. It was a very short-lived relationship but hard for Jack nonetheless.

They both continued to date other people until their senior year of college, when Audrey and Jack had both broken up with their significant others. It was only then that they finally got together.

Audrey and Jack dated for six years before buying a house together and then getting engaged in 2039. They married the following year and they now have two daughters Zoe (born in 2042) and Mia (born in 2046).

In 2043, Jack's parents, Tate and Zelda moved in. Tate and Zelda were married in 1999 and immediately began trying to start a family. Unfortunately, they struggled with infertility but finally welcomed daughter Josie in 2002. When they decided to expand their family further, they were struck by infertility again. After trying to conceive for ten years, Tate and Zelda gave up and decided to adopt instead. By the time Jack joined the family, Zelda had unexpectedly become pregnant with Charlie, who came along six months later.

Tate made his fortune in the many years he worked in graphic design. The family's wealth enabled Zelda to quit her job in game design and work full-time at home as a novelist. Being free from financial concerns also let Tate follow his passion and open up his own restaurant, where he still works as the head chef and manager. The restaurant will be passed onto Jack when Tate is ready to retire.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Lachance 1

Dominic met Leslie in 2031, after he finally followed his friends' and family's advice and started dating again, after the death of his girlfriend Tessa three years earlier. Dominic went on a few dates with some other girls but Leslie was the only one he felt he clicked with.

Dominic and Leslie had both always wanted to get married and start a family and four years after they met, they got married. They bought a house just before the wedding and of course, made sure there would be room for any future children.

In 2040, the size of their family doubled when they welcomed their twins, Stella and Oscar

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Clarke 2

Calvin and Aaron Clarke started dating in high school, though it was a relationship that was conducted semi-secretly for the first several months. Aaron was not yet "out" to his parents but found that once he told them, he was all the happier for it.

They attended Suffolk University together, with Aaron intending to go into journalism and Calvin not having much of a clue what he wanted to do. They moved in together, along with Aaron's best friend Maia, after graduation and Calvin joined Sullivan's basketball team.

Just a few years after their wedding in 2032, Calvin and Aaron bought a house and began the long process to adopt a child. First came Amy, then Natalie and finally Curtis. The couple feel like their family is complete now and are very happily living in Sullivan.

Romilly-Royce-Nihill 1

Profile to come!

Friday, 6 April 2007

Draper 1

Lake and Kendal first met at work, shortly after the death of Lake's first wife, Ottilie. Five years earlier, Kendal had also been widowed. She was hesitant about entering a new relationship but she and Lake were soon in love.

Lake's then teenage daughter Rose reacted very negatively to Kendal at first but once she went away to college, absence made the heart grow fonder and they were able to forge a much stronger relationship, which they still share today. 

In 2014, Lake and Kendal got married. They had both had big formal weddings before, so they decided on a quiet ceremony at the town hall, with just their children and Kendal's former in-laws.

Lake and Kendal both already had two children when they met: Kendal had twin boys and Lake had two daughters. Being considerably older than Kendal, Lake was unsure about more children but Kendal had a strong desire for at least one more. So when Lake was 58, Kendal gave birth to their son Chris, their only child together. 

Lake and Kendal are now both retired and have plenty of leisure time to spend together.