Friday, 15 December 2006

Kirstin Sitko

Name: Kirstin Maeve Sitko
Birthday: October 23, 1984
Age: 62 years old
Personality: 6-6-8-5-1
Traits: Workaholic, Careful, Grumpy, Confident, Ambitious
Parents: Julian and Collette Sitko
Siblings: Owen Novak (half-brother)
Romantic History: None
Partner: David Sitko (married, Winter 2010)
Children: Camilla Benton, Lila Novak, Adelaide Sitko
Education: College graduate (Economics major)
Job: Attorney General (Law)
Previous Employment: Emergency Medical Technician (Medicine)
Businesses Owned: None
Aspiration: Fortune/Popularity
Lifetime want: Become Attorney General (achieved)
Hobby: Sports

Governor of Sullivan 2027 - 2035

Character mosaic:

name: Kirstin (means Christian)
favourite food: chili con carne
favourite colour: red
favourite pastime: soccer - just watching, these days
favourite weather/time of day: early morning, when she can get things done without anyone bothering her.
favourite drink: short black
currently reading: the newspaper, as always
career: lawyer
if she had one wish: for all of her children to have successful careers
greatest fear: losing her job
thing she loves most in the world: being in control
one word to describe her: strong

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