Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Novak-Sitko 1

Connor and Lila became close friends while attending Suffolk University, bonding over their shared interests in sports. After they graduated and moved to Exeter, Connor was employed by the SCIA and Lila started working at the company Connor's dad James was heading at the time.

They remained good friends but Lila started to feel that their friendship could become something more. Knowing Connor was the oblivious sort, she bit the bullet and asked him out herself. They have been together ever since.

After dating for a few years, Connor and Lila bought a house in Sullivan, close to both of their families. They are not engaged yet but Lila is hoping it will be on the horizon soon.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Carmody-Moretti 1

Nick and Sarah went to high school together but didn't get to know each other until they lived in the same dorm at Suffolk University. Sarah liked Nick right away but Nick always had a girlfriend.

After Sarah graduated, she found Nick was single and with a little prodding from their mutual friend, Troy, she made her move and they soon started dating. Just three years later, they were married, at which point Nick moved in with Sarah and her mother Kimberly.

Nick and Sarah now have five children, Thomas, Ryan, CatherineAlex and Richie. Nick is in the military and Sarah is an architect. Kimberly is semi-retired from her hairdressing job at Oh Be-Hive!, which she owns.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Novak 2

Connor and Lila Novak are both lifelong Sullivan residents and attended school together all the way through. It wasn't until university that they became close friends, often meeting up to play soccer at Connor's dorm.

In 2035, right after college, they each moved to Exeter to live with roommates. Lila soon developed romantic feelings for Connor and being the type of woman who likes to take charge, she made her move. Connor felt the same way and they then started dating.

After dating for a few years, Connor and Lila decided to start seriously saving for their own house. It didn't take too long before they'd achieved that goal and the couple are now living together in Sullivan. Connor is a Field Agent for the SCIA and Lila works as a Junior Executive in the corporate world. Connor and Lila got married in October 2043 and welcomed their first child Jonathan in February 2045.