Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Athena Gottlieb

Name: Athena Jordana Gottlieb (née Lane)
Birthday: September 24, 1960
Age: 85 years old
Personality: 4-10-2-7-8
Traits: Ambitious, Charming, Kind, Intelligent, Virtuoso
Parents: Floyd LaneDrusilla Clarke
Siblings: Linnea Lane (twin)
Romantic History: Filippo Moretti (ex-boyfriend); Adam Gottlieb (deceased husband)
Partner: None
Children: Wade Gottlieb, Joanna Draper
Education: College graduate (Psychology major)
Job: Retired
Previous Employment: Convenience Store Clerk (Slacker); Entertainment Attorney (Law)
Businesses Owned: None
Aspiration: Popularity
Lifetime want: Become Attorney General
Hobby: Music & Dance

Governor of Sullivan 2017 - 2026

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  1. Heey I was just wonderin if u remember where u found athenas hair that she wore when she was a young adult... I really like it so thx if u can tell me

  2. coolkat2, I don't have a specific link for you but I believe I got that hair from someone at GOS.