Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Kirby 1

Jacob and Claudia first became friends while attending high school together. They didn't start dating until about halfway through university, when a fling became something a bit more serious.

Upon graduation, they each moved in with roommates. Jacob started out waiting tables, before finally being inspired to join the fire service at age 27. Claudia took the first job she found in politics but was never completely satisfied with it.

In 2029, Jacob and Claudia got engaged and later moved in with Claudia's parents, Trent and Megan. Claudia had always planned to take over the family farm and it seemed like a perfect time.

Jacob and Claudia married the following year and welcomed their daughter Daphne less than a year later. Claudia took maternity leave to care for Daphne at home and once it was time for her to go back to work, she realised she had lost any passion she once had for politics. After talking things over with Jacob, she decided to stay at home full time, at least until all the kids had started school.

Daughter Iris joined the family in 2034. Jacob and Claudia discussed the possibility of a third child but ultimately felt their family was complete just the way it was.

In 2041, Claudia officially took over Kirby Market, a local business started by her great-grandfather, Nathaniel Kirby.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Monday, 15 January 2007

Royce-Nihill 1

Max and Zaria first started dating in high school and continued their relationship when they went away to college together. When they arrived back in Sullivan, they moved in with Max's parents Ben and Caterina and not long afterwards, they found out they were expecting their son Josh, who was born in 2014. Ben was lucky enough to meet his grandson before he died in 2019.

Daughter Jessica arrived (also a surprise) in 2020 and it wasn't until after her first birthday that Max finally decided to pop the question and propose to Zaria. She happily accepted and the couple were married two years later.

In 2025, Max decided to fulfill a long-held dream of his when he bought his restaurant, the Front Page Cafe. It is currently a popular choice for Sullivan residents looking for a more casual dining experience. Just a short time later, Zaria's mother Kit moved in. Caterina's second marriage to Julian Sitko had left a spare room in the house and Zaria was keen to bring her mother into the family home.

All the while, Zaria was working to achieve her own dream. After a previous unsuccessful campaign, Zaria was finally elected governor of Sullivan in 2035 and was re-elected in 2039. Her current term will be her last.

Monday, 8 January 2007

Moretti 1

Caleb became a father at a very young age when his then-girlfriend, Abigail, fell pregnant with their son, Nick. That relationship was not meant to be and they broke up when Nick was a child, splitting time with their son equally.

In 2013, Caleb met Cara, who was then working as a waitress and had dreams of attending medical school. She took a little convincing but the couple were soon dating. Two years later, they found themselves unexpectedly expecting a baby. This was followed quickly by a proposal from Caleb but unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

Caleb and Cara decided to put the wedding off until Cara was closer to graduating from medical school and the wedding finally took place in 2017, five years after they'd first met. The wedding was almost immediately followed by Caleb and Cara conceiving their twins, Anthony and Veronica.

By the time the twins arrived, Caleb was growing disillusioned with his uninspiring job as a comic book penciller and started becoming interested in cooking. It was with Cara's encouragement that he finally entered the restaurant business in 2021. Just 8 years later, he opened his own catering business, Delizioso Catering, still operating in Sullivan.