Friday, 25 May 2007

Moretti 2

Evan and Ione met when Ione was a sophomore at Suffolk University. Evan was living in Sullivan, working as a police officer, so for the first few years, Evan and Ione were somewhat separated by distance.

Once Ione graduated, she joined the police force alongside Evan and they bought a house together. Ione was expecting a proposal shortly after that but when it didn't come, she took matters into her own hands. They were married in 2020 and Ione became pregnant during their honeymoon.

That pregnancy resulted in their twin sons, Justin and Xavier, in 2021, and necessitated a new house to accommodate them. Five years later, Evan and Ione were blessed with yet another set of twins, Aurora and Bianca.

In 2033, after 15 years on the police force, Ione lost her job due to downsizing of the department. Almost immediately after, Ione and Evan found out they were expecting Francesca. She was loved from the start but a fifth child was not something that was ever in their plans. Fortunately, Ione's best friend Lia came to the rescue and hired Ione at the library. Ione's library job, along with Evan's salary, enabled them to send Xavier to college. Justin was fortunate enough to earn a full scholarship.

Justin and Xavier have now finished university and are living on their own. Aurora and Bianca are in their sophomore year.

After losing her job with the police, Ione discovered a love of toy making. In 2044, she will turn her hobby into a career and open her very own toy store, Toys & Tales.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Gentry-Moretti 1

Justin Moretti and Louisa Gentry first started dating in high school, back in 2035. Louisa is a year older than Justin, so they faced twelve months apart when she went off to Suffolk University, while he finished high school. 

They were expecting another year's separation when Louisa graduated but one semester on academic probation shortened that time significantly! Finally though, they have both finished university. Instead of living with roommates like most of their peers, Justin and Louisa chose to buy a house together and are currently paying off their (fortunately small) mortgage. 

Justin is working on campus as an Animal Linguist. Louisa is aiming to work in Social Work or Psychology but hasn't been successful in finding a position yet. She's working at town hall as a Campaign Manager in the meantime.