Wednesday, 27 August 2008

My defaults

NOTE: this post is very old and some links may be dead. I no longer update these pages. The best place to track down CC I may be using is my Pinterest page. It has lots of pretty pictures rather than just a list of links. :)

I haven't figured out where all my defaults are from yet, but I will add to this when I do.

All my Sims are using callistra's defaults of La_exotique's Just Reflect eyes.

Skintones: I use the Dermalicious defaults. I also use the in-between tones and have geneticised them myself in SimPE.

Maternity wear: My Sims' maternity wear defaults are by engram_au. For more variety, I also have these default replacement meshes from MTS.

Homework: Yes, I'm that nitpicky that I use replacements for the homework books! You can get them here.

Books: I use these awesome covers and swap them around a lot, so I can see lots of variety in my game.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Custom content

I have a few different posts where I've listed the places where I download my custom content, so I'm going to link to them all here to clean up my sidebar.

Hacks, hacks and hacks
General custom content (mostly Body Shop things, a few objects)
Houses, apartments and other lots
Default replacements

As always, feel free to post your WCIFs in Comments any time you like. :) If I can remember where I got something, I don't mind sharing.