Thursday, 30 August 2018

Lot tour: The Bentons' new place

Yet another lot tour for you today! I've been in a real decorating mood lately. I did Chris and Veronica's house pretty quickly, I picked away a little at my long-neglected primary school, I'm working on a share house for Brendan, Caitlin, Georgina and Annabel and I now have this house ready for the Bentons!

The house is Park Hill, which I grabbed from MTS. I actually downloaded a couple of new houses, intending them for this family but when I put them in game, they didn't feel right. They were large and had enough rooms but they didn't feel like an upgrade on their old place. This one has been sitting in my hood for who knows how long but I think it really suits the Bentons.

I will probably change that roof colour. It looked good with the original white windows but now that I have the darker wood Torrox windows, it doesn't look quite right any more. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

You say it's your birthday, December 2045

Round 37: December 2045 (Summer)

Over at the Benton household, Jack, Audrey, Tate, Zelda and Zoe are in the midst of packing. They’ve found a place, so they now just need to get everything in boxes, ready to be transported to their new house.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Valley of the low sun

Round 37: November 2045 (Spring)

Daniel Halmi is 38, Susannah is 35 and Zac Whitney is 11. 
(Kimberly is 74)

Narrated by Daniel Halmi

Susannah and I will have been married for two years in February and so far, it’s been amazing.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Lot tour: Chris and Veronica's house

I got the decorating bug over the last few days and finished off this place for Chris and Veronica in one evening, which is much, much faster than I tend to decorate these days, even for a relatively small house!

Anyway, this little place was built as a gift for me by Starr! If you saw my WIP pic on Tumblr, you'll notice I've changed the roof colour!

Outside, I added a fence all around the lot (but there's really nothing in the garden except Clancy's dog bowl at the moment, so no pics), changed the walls, floors, windows and doors. Inside, I think I left the layout has mostly as Starr built it, other than moving the second bathroom to the back of the house and adding some half walls to block off the kitchen.

Let's go inside!