Wednesday, 24 August 2005


Seeing I actually know how to make banners now and already have ideas for others, I thought I'd do like Laura and make a post for all previous banners, in case any of you ever feel like a stroll down memory lane. :)

I'll probably try to make at least one per round now, so each time I change the banner, I'll update this post. Click each banner for the full size version.

#1 (credit should go to my sister for this one) - Nick, Steve, Olivia, Finn and Victoria.

#2 - Tessa and Dominic.

#3 - Adam and Athena.

#4 - Evan and Ione.

#5 - Emma, Jessica and Lauren.

#6 - Josh and Connor.

#7 - Oliver and Veronica.

#8 - Claudia and Daphne.

#9 - Steve and Olivia

#10 - Audrey and Jack

#11 - Edward and Lucy

#12 - Josie, Andrew, Patience and Patrick

#13 - Ramona

#14 - Calvin, Evan, Rebecca, Edward and Abigail.

#15 - Kit.