Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Some day

Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Leo Draper

Despite what my sister seems to think, my job in the military is not that great. Sure, it's let Kit and I get our own place but it's a tiny place and after paying our deposit, we had very little left over.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

There goes the fear

Unlike my brother Leo, I actually graduated college and have moved in with my boyfriend Lake. Somehow though, we're the ones who've ended up living with my parents, so I'm back in my old bedroom. Leo got a well-paid job in the military immediately but Lake and I have both found it hard to find a job in a suitable field.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Pascal Lachance

Well, it was lucky we had so much money in savings because the landlord has recently started charging a rather hefty deposit on any furnishings in the apartment when you move in. It cost us about $17,000 to move into our new place in Exeter and it was only the kitchen and bathroom that had anything at all in it!

Monday, 23 March 2009

All my friends

Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Caterina Nihill

I can't believe I've lived in Exeter for 5 years already and have only just discovered the gym. And I call myself a fitness Sim!

Nuthin's ever gone be the same again

Narrated by Linnea Lane

Debbie and I have finally graduated from Suffolk and have moved in with my parents. It's kind of a drag, so we take advantage of any privacy we can get. There was no bed for us when we moved in, so the closet had to do!

I spent most of the first few weeks at home alone though, so I filled my time with lots of jogging and tai chi. Everyone else was working but I just couldn't find anything interesting.

I did eventually decide I wanted to entertain people though and found a job as a mime! I've worked my way up to ventriloquist now - my career is so much fun!
Getting a good job was exciting but even more exciting was my proposal to Debbie.

She was thrilled, of course. We started planning right away.
Mum started working on her mother of the bride speech right away. Considering I didn't think marriage was a big deal to her or Dad, I was kind of shocked she was so enthusiastic about the whole wedding thing. I guess the most shocking this is that we're not having speeches or toasts anyway. I hope Mum won't be too disappointed.

Lucky Debbie had the wedding to focus on at home because she was seriously bored at work. She was helping out with experiments at the lab and somehow didn't find it challenging to have to choose between red and blue pieces of liquorice.

The night before the wedding, I took Debbie and Mum on a jog to make sure we all slept really soundly that night. Dad probably should have come too - he's porking up a bit lately!

At last, it was time for our big day!

When we started walking over to the chapel, we were very happy with our choice of venue. Not only was it the cheapest but it was freezing cold outside - the chapel is heated!

Dad was first inside the chapel. We have become pretty close of late, after me feeling quite neglected by him, pre-college.

Ah! We were finally married! We had quite a large guest list and not all of them could even fit into the chapel! Athena did come, but she was late and missed the ceremony. Not going to mention exactly what I think of that, but suffice to say, I was not impressed.

I sent Dad out for a weather test - if it warmed up a bit, we were all going to go outside and socialise. But no, it was still cold and there was a thunderstorm brewing. That's good luck, right? Gah, don't tell me otherwise!

So the manager of the chapel let us have our mini-reception inside, as long as we didn't make a mess. I was a little worried that Leo and Filippo were going to break something with their kicky bag but they promised to be careful!

Oh, yeah...this girl. I still have no idea who she was but she seemed to know Leo quite well. Debbie was about to go over and ask her to leave when she told us she could get us a discount on our rent. Well...nice strategy. We couldn't exactly ask her to leave after that!

So instead, Debbie and I just sat at the back of the chapel, watched our guests and chilled out for a bit. It had been a long day, we were both in heels and we'd inexplicably decided go to the chapel on foot, so we had a lengthy walk ahead of us.

Random pic:
Galen actually visits Drusilla all the time but I thought it was a bit suspicious that he happened to visit while Debbie was the only one around one day! He's probably trying for a conversion (which can't happen if you're wondering - all my gay Sims are very, very gay)!

  • I've been taking family portraits of each household at the beginning of each round, so I thought I'd use them at the beginning of each update. I might turn them into paintings or photos for the game if I'm feeling spectacularly unlazy one day.
  • Linnea's the only Sim I've had roll a specific want to woohoo in the closet.
  • I considered having less traditional wedding gowns for these two but succumbed to the princess dresses in the end. I'm glad I did, because the poufy dresses are always fun.
  • Neither of these two have the want to adopt a child yet but it will be forced on them sooner or later - I never let my Sims remain childless! I might consider mixing their genes and artificially inseminating one of them to get a biological baby too. I'm curious what kind of child they'd make.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Time can never kill the true heart

Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Augustin Novak

We have been struggling financially since we bought this house, so my parents offered to move in with us, so we could pool our resources. It has worked out well in more ways than one. James and Naomi will be able to really get to know their grandparents. Already, Dad has spent a lot of time watching them play and draw.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

With every light

Round 14: Days 66-70
I met someone! His name is Henry. He's a security guard, he's 2 years younger than I am but I think he's really cute.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Morpha too

Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Charlton Nihill

Madelyn didn't really know my Dad all that well, so it sort of surprised me that she was so upset when he died.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

River, sea, ocean

Right before bed one night, Filippo surprised me by asking me to marry him. I accepted, naturally and I figured that soon after that, we'd actually get married.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Julian Sitko

What do you think of the new uniforms at The Greasy Spoon? The hot dog vendor outfit just wasn't working for me so we've gone simple. And yes, it's "we" now. I finally have some real employees. Joseph Carmody is working as my cook and Araminta Benton is my waitress.


Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Betsy Carmody

This is the last picture taken of me as a child, with my little sister Anna.

Now I'm a teen and I look more like this.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

So. central rain

Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Simona Moretti

So my daughter Arianna finally went into labour.

I was hoping I'd be able to be by her side as a kind of birth coach or something but as it happened, Arianna was up very early that morning and was downstairs before Jonah or I had woken up. I was certainly shocked when I looked over the banister and saw what was happening!

Seven nation army

Round 14: Days 66-70
Narrated by Leontine Kirby

We started off with a bit of luck when Tate found an old genie lamp that someone had just left on our lawn. He wished for peace of mind but I couldn't resist being a bit vain and wishing for beauty. I've been feeling old since I turned 40 but to my disappointment, the genie didn't get rid of my wrinkles or anything. All that happened was a constant stream of visitors to the house, at all hours of the night, wanting to talk to me! I hope it wears off soon because I can't take it for much longer!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Round 13 Summary

This round's hatches, matches and dispatches!

3 (Madelyn Nihill, Caleb and David Moretti)
Deaths: 0
Engagements: 3 (Augustin and Hanna Novak, Charlton and Aphrodite Nihill, Adam Gottlieb and Athena Lane)
Marriages: 4 (Augustin and Hanna Novak, Julian and Collette Sitko, Charlton and Aphrodite Nihill, Ben and Caterina Nihill)
Break-ups: 0
Graduations: 4 (Ottilie Draper, Athena Lane, Linnea Lane, Debbie King)
New residents: 0

Total population: 55 (27 Males, 28 Females)
Babies: 0
Toddlers: 3
Children: 9
Teens: 2
Young Adults: 1
Adults: 36
Elders: 4

Half the world away

Round 13: University (Athena, Debbie and Linnea)

Narrated by Athena Lane

Our junior year started out normally enough. Debbie was being Debbie and spent a lot of time hidden away in the library.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tuff luff

My best friend Araminta decided to skip college and look for a job instead, so I've arrived at Moretti Hall alone for my freshman year. I got down to work straight away, because I knew I'd end up getting distracted by social activities if I waited.

Candy floss

Round 13: Days 61-65

Narrated by Adam Gottlieb
Ever since I started dating Athena, I've been inspired to get fit.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Women and unicorns

Round 13: Days 61-65
Galen thinks I don't know what he gets up to when I'm at work and Samson's at school. He's hardly discreet, so I don't know why he would assume that. Probably because I've never mentioned it to him.

I've known at least since Sam was a toddler but as long as he seems happy, I don't want to rock the boat. Sam is a very well-adjusted boy - he plays his violin and he brings his little friends home from school. He lives a very normal life. I don't want to do anything to upset that.

And he loves his Dad. I think it would break his heart if we broke up.

Crappy husband he may be but Galen is a good father to Sam.

And to be honest, as much as I resent Galen's cheating, I still love the guy too.

I've never actually seen Galen with another woman, so I can usually put it out of my mind when we're together. I can't help but be reminded of it when one of his many women has the nerve to call him at home. I certainly give them a piece of my mind then!

I'm sure it didn't stop them from dropping by when they knew I wasn't home though.

Sigh. I don't think this situation is ideal for any of us but for now but as long as it's all hidden from Sam and Galen has the decency to not flaunt his infidelity right in front of me, I guess this is the best we can do.

  • Georgette does. not. care. about Galen's cheating. I thought it might be her Romance secondary (her autonomy is set to Spouse Only, if you were wondering) but no. Her jealousy setting is 2, which I believe means she should get jealous when anyone she's in love with cheats on her. But she doesn't. So I guess she's a stay-together-for-the-kids type of Sim.
  • Not an awful lot happened this round, which is why this is mostly Georgette's thoughts. Galen barely even had time to cheat! He actually did some work this round and got promoted all the way to Rock God.