Sunday, 15 February 2009

Miss Lucifer

Round 13: Days 61-65

Jonah probably should have been a bit more suspicious when he saw Galen hanging around outside his farm.

Jonah greeted him and was soon...otherwise occupied, leaving Galen to wander the property alone.

It wasn't long before he found something to occupy him - Jonah's 25-year-old daughter Arianna.

Galen certainly liked what he saw and so he decided to stay for a late lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches. He had to admit though, he didn't find Arianna's incessant nattering very interesting.

Galen would tolerate almost anything if he thought he might get a girl into bed though, so when Arianna started flirting with him after her parents had gone to bed, he was only too happy to reciprocate.

Even though Arianna already seemed pretty taken with him, he thought it couldn't hurt to impress her with how well travelled he was.

It seemed to work for her. Galen got what he wanted and left happy.

It was quite late when he finally left though and Arianna was tired. She slept right through the morning and didn't get up until 12:30pm, long after both her parents had left for work. Lucky she'd earned a vacation day.

Last night's leftover filet mignon was just not agreeing with her.

Arianna soon figured out why. By her second trimester, she could only fit into her brother's old jeans and a cardigan she didn't even remember buying.

As Education Minister, Simona was in charge of hiring staff for Sullivan and Exeter's schools. She tried not to show favouritism but she couldn't turn down Jonah's niece and her nephew, Hanna and Augustin, when they asked if she had anything for them. She'd hired them both as teacher's aides and they visisted often.

Talking to her cousin Hanna about pregnancy and child-rearing made her feel a little better about the situation. If Hanna could raise twins to the age of 3 while in college, surely Arianna would be able to rear one child (her ultrasound had confirmed it was only one, thank goodness!) with the help of her parents.

She wouldn't know for sure how she'd cope with motherhood until after the baby came, so she just waited and watched her belly grow.

Jonah was watching his belly grow too, though for a different reason. He just couldn't shovel as much food into his gut as he could when he was in his 20s. He was very close to old age and the weight was a little more stubborn than it once was.

At least one person in the house was more mindful of their health though. Arianna took special care of the garden to make sure the produce she used in her own food was of the utmost quality.

She was even experimenting with the long-ignored juicer and whipped up several delicious batches of fruit and vegetable juice.

  • For those of you playing at home, this will be Galen's third child. All three of his offspring are by three different women. Arianna is also the third woman he has...uh, deflowered.
  • Check out the green fumes coming off Galen in the picture on the couch! It didn't seem to bother Arianna...but ew.
  • Arianna actually didn't have any morning sickness at all. The picture of her with her hand to her mouth is because whoever made that filet mignon burnt it. It wouldn't have been Arianna. She doesn't have the cooking skills to make that! And yes, she is in the culinary career.


  1. Oooh, Galen is single-handedly populating your hood! How does he get those beautiful women to go for him? He's not exactly a (cough, cough) a looker...

  2. ROFL I did notice teh funk and I started to giggle. She must really have been taken with him not to notice. Even my sims who are in love will stop and fan teh funk, lol. Did you plan the pregnancy or did it just happen? I really hate when that happens. Those surprise babies!

    Man, he's really spreading his seed around isn't he! Can't wait for the drama to unfold.

  3. Oh. My. God. Another baby by Galen. Does the man ever stop?

    I laughed out loud when I noticed the green fumes!

  4. I'm thinking Galen he must lie about his job. He's only a roadie but I think he might stretch the truth or little and that might make him more appealing to the ladies. Of all my Sullivan men, he's the least attractive to me.

    Riverdale, Arianna got pregnant by risky woohoo. It was definitely a surprise.

  5. Uh oh, Galen is back to his old tricks! He's populating your hood with illegitimate spawn, LOL. The women folk better keep on their toes...

  6. I'm trying to think how many more women Galen has 3 bolts with. I think he's already woohooed with the single and Romance ones!

  7. Wow, Galen is a player! (Yes, I'm still trying to get caught up!)

  8. Ha, he really is! He bedded quite a number of women in his time!