Monday, 9 February 2009

Chady saves the day

Round 12: Days 56-60
Ottilie and Leo had never showed much interest in dating so they ended up spending most of their time dancing at home. All that time spent dancing did have one advantage - they both earned a dance scholarship to Suffolk University. The $1000 would really come in handy.

Perhaps one reason Leo had never dated anyone was because the one girl he was interested in, Linnea, was not interested in boys at all.

Drusilla was working out well at Elias's shop too. She told all her family about her new job and they soon became regular customers.

Elias's business was thriving but that didn't mean he never dealt with difficult customers. He never did figure out what this guy's problem was but he sure liked complaining about it!

With a silver badge in Pottery and the manager's position set in her sights, Drusilla often stayed late at the store.

Even though she was a hard worker, she figured using her feminine wiles to secure the manager's job couldn't hurt.

Drusilla wasn't sure if it was her flirting or her qualifications, but Elias eventually agreed to make her the manager.
Nathalie suspected nothing. She was just happy her husband would be home more often. Being a media magnate was hard work and she liked spending her free time with her family.

Apparently, Linnea could do quite well for herself if she was straight! Everyone seems to like her!

  • Leo swoons every time Linnea walks by but he's got the wrong equipment, so she barely notices him at all. In that way, anyway. They're very good friends.
  • I don't know what to do about Drusilla. Later on today, you'll see this is not the only not-single man she's made a move on recently. Mid-life crisis maybe? She just turned 45.
  • I have a bumper update today. There are 3 more entries coming. All the pictures are uploaded and I have the URLs ready to paste into Blogger but I'm not sure how long it will take me. I do want to get them all done today though, so stay tuned!


  1. LOL, poor Leo! Unrequited love at its worst... and strange that Ottilie has no teenage hormone craze. Maybe that guy in her bedroom as a kid scared her? Hahaha

  2. Ha, trauma! I'd forgotten about that.

    I hope she gets over it in college! I've moved her and Leo to college (as you'd know if you peeked at their profiles) but haven't played them yet.