Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Street lites

Round 11: Days 51-55

One family who was not at all bothered by Exeter's makeover was the Drapers. Elias and Nathalie had already been planning to move and purchased a little house not far from the first one they bought right after they graduated college.

After they'd moved all their furniture in exactly as they wanted it, none of them wanted to do anything but relax. Poor Elias was due at work in 3 hours but he planned on taking advantage of his free time until then.

The family also adopted a cat, now that they had the space for a pet. His name was Moses and Ottilie was quite taken with him.

Meanwhile, Leo loved being able to write his stories in peace, without the living room being bombarded by smustling neighbours or nasty landlords.

That very first night in the Drapers' new home, Ottilie went from sweet little girl to angsty teen.

Maybe not. Just as soon as she'd got changed into her new clothes, she crept into her little brother's room and kissed him goodnight.

The next morning, the family was back into their usual routine. Nathalie woke up early to prepare breakfast for Ottilie and Leo.

And Elias stayed in bed until he heard the school bus drive off.

Before they moved, Elias had promised his wife he would hire a manager for his pottery store. As it turned out, there weren't any suitable candidates so he decided to hire Drusilla Clarke and train her himself. First up - Cash Registering 101!

Even though Elias planned to continue stocking the majority of the store's wares, he insisted that Drusilla start earning her gold badge in pottery too. He wanted to be sure she'd be able to answer any questions that might come up when he wasn't at the store.

Drusilla was also solely in charge of restocking the shelves and was starting to get the hang out that too.

Without having to go back and forth between customer and register, Elias had managed to concentrate on sales and had earned $100,000. This fact seemed to make him much more attractive to his female customers.

There was just one scary moment in their new house. Nathalie was attempting to make dinner and somehow set the oven on fire! Thankfully, the Sullivan fire department was very prompt and efficient and saved poor Leo from certain death by kitchen fire.

Upstairs, Ottilie was forcing herself to finish her homework. She knew it needed to get done - she wanted to be a lawyer and she didn't think Suffolk University would be interested in a merely mediocre student.

When she had finally slogged her way through to the end, she headed outside to meet up with her two best friends Athena and Linnea.

It wasn't long before younger brother Leo was due to join Ottilie in teendom.

The fact that they now had a backyard meant he had plenty of room to stash any exercise equipment he might but and to practise his yoga.

Random funny:
Guess who I love just as much as Raffaella? Her daughter, Magdalena, that's who! She's adorable, for one, and makes the best faces, just like her mum does. I have never seen a Sim making this face before!

  • A super-early update today because I'm being a massive loser and staying up to watch the inauguration (which is on at either 3 or 4am here - hopefully 3!). I need something to keep me occupied, so Simming and blogging it is!
  • Ottilie's not really cranky there, just tired! And tucking Leo in was her first autonomous action as a teen.
  • Elias, however, really does get out of bed at about 8:15am every morning, like clock work. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that that's when Ottilie and Leo usually leave for school. ;)
  • Drusilla's achieved her LTW and is earning too much money, so she's going to help out a fledgling small business instead. This was the same reason I had Brandon hire Jonah to work in the farmer's market too.
  • I wouldn't want to do a faceplant in that backyard! I hope Leo knows what he's doing!


  1. Haha, not as much a loser as I am! I'm a citizen of the States and I didn't even watch it. Oops...

    Wow, Ottilie is a teen? Where does the time go?

    What a spacious apartment! It's more like a condo.

  2. I watched the inauguration too - it was such a historical moment and I didn't want to miss it. It was on at 7pm here though so I didn't have to stay up late.

    Oh my, the kids grow up so fast!

  3. It has just the right amount of space, I think. I hate houses with too much empty space. I always feel like I should fill it with furniture but I'm never sure what.

    Ottilie and Leo will both be going to college/aging up at the end of next round. I changed the aging up a little bit so things are going quicker than ever.