Friday, 9 January 2009


Round 10: Days 46-50
Last update: Pascal/Emmy

It hasn't even been a day since Emmy moved in with her son Pascal and the poor guy has already had enough her nagging.

Most of the nagging is related to his housekeeping skills. Emmy should really be nagging her sloppy daughters about that - Pascal is actually really neat! The roaches were all he needed to learn to make sure all his trash goes in the bin.

Despite the spotless kitchen, Emmy still insists on doing an inspection every morning after Pascal heads off to work.

Pascal just avoids her as much as possible, heading right into the shopping district after the carpool drops him off at home.

He does do some shopping but he's always got an eye on any cute girls who might walk by. He should probably make sure they're into guys before he hits on them though.

H&M isn't really a pick-up joint but he does convince one lovely shopper to join him for a drink at the new bar up the road.

Ashlea and Pascal have a heap of fun together at the Ball & Biscuit.

A whole heap of fun!

He invites Ashlea back to his apartment, hoping against hope that Emmy has left for work by the time they get there.

Luckily, she has so Ashlea and Pascal can get down to business.

When Emmy gets home from work, she begins to wonder if this is perhaps not the right apartment complex for her. People passed out on the floor in the lobby! She never had to deal with this at Twilight.

The next morning, Pascal is able to usher Ashlea out the door before Emmy wakes up.

Unfortunately, Emmy was already awake and heard voices. She's not happy about her son bringing strange women back to his apartment and spending the night with them. Pascal doesn't care.

Emmy probably wouldn't have approved of the girl Pascal invited over after Emmy went to work that evening. He never did get to woohoo with Virginia.

Now was his chance.

Pascal makes sure Virginia leaves well before Emmy gets home. He doesn't want a repeat of this morning's theatrics.

Emmy was getting used to Greg Morena passing out half-naked but that didn't mean she liked it!

The other tenants are beginning to notice the problem too.

Pascal's apartment was definitely not big enough for both him and Emmy. Every time he wanted to use his computer, Emmy was on it.

He ended up spending many evenings at the Ball & Biscuit.

There was something about this bar that seemed to attract the pretty girls, so Pascal usually found a companion for the evening there.

He was always careful to make sure Emmy was sound asleep before he brought the girls inside though.

Pascal couldn't control when his girlfriends would drop by unannounced though. One afternoon, he was surprised by Estelle.

He wasn't quite sure how to explain her presence to Emmy.

Estelle is so wholesome looking though, that she quickly charms Emmy, who (thankfully) goes back inside to get ready for work.

Rather than follow her, Pascal and Estelle made use of the complex's hot tub.

One good thing about living with his mother was when her friends would drop by. They all loved Pascal and frequently set him up on blind dates with different women, which was always went well (surprisingly).

He liked Bethany the masseuse a lot (3 bolts!).

He didn't even notice Emmy watching them behind him.

Assuming his mother had left for work, Pascal and Bethany retired to the bedroom.

But no, Emmy wasn't at work. She was right outside the apartment and in fact, had just died, aged 78. R.I.P. Emmy.

Pascal will finally be able to have an actual private life but he can't pretend he's not sad about losing his mother.

Random pic: Whatever happened to Greg Morena?

Yes, he died. I have no idea why but for some reason, he wouldn't go into his apartment, so therefore he wouldn't eat. He died of starvation. A girl has moved into his apartment now though, so that should make Pascal happy.


  • Pascal has a secondary aspiration now. I roll for those too (I'll change that next round) and he rolled Family. So I might start looking for someone for him to settle down with next time.


  1. Oh man! Random apartment townie death, that's so crazy. The pictures of him passed out in various places was very amusing, though.

    Poor Pascal, living with his mother! But, now he's free. You'll be missed, Emmy.

  2. I have one apartment townie just like that. He is totally obsessed with the hot tubs in the common area. He won't go to his apartment to pee or sleep so he does all that stuff in the common area...

  3. OMG, your apartments are a trip! Kids freezing, townies dying, lol! So funny :)

    RIP Emmy... at least now Pascal has all the room he wants to "entertain" his lady friends ;)

  4. I'm wondering if someone will take over Emmy's job of wandering into everyone's homes uninvited now that she's not around to do it any more.

    Poor Greg. He didn't go into his apartment until right before he died. He did nothing else with any privacy but I guess he wanted to die in his home.

  5. The surprises keep on coming - I'm learning so many random things from reading your blog. I never knew that the townies can just die like that - I thought they had some Maxis "live forever" protection.

  6. I've always known townies could die but theoretically, they're supposed to enter their apartments or go on errands to refresh their motives. For some reason, this guy just wouldn't.