Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Catch the sun

Round 11: Days 51-55

Charlton, his twin sister Collette and his girlfriend Aphrodite have graduated college and moved into a duplex (or triplex maybe, as there are three units) in Sullivan.

Collette was a bit bummed that the closest thing she had to a boyfriend was Galen. Watching her brother act coupley all the time with Aphrodite got really old but she had to grin and bear it.

Aphrodite and Charlton kept to themselves on the first day...

...while Collette tried to make friends with the neighbours outside. No one quite caught her eye like Galen though and they didn't really think much of her either.

She was feeling quite down so when Galen invited her out on the town, she happily accepted.
Had she known he was going to invite 5 other people, including Petra Gottlieb, she might have reconsidered.

So Collette ended up alone at the bar of the Old Brick...

...while Galen lavished attention on Petra.

Collette grew more annoyed and impatient by the minute.

Soon enough, Collette was able to pull him away from Petra.

Not long after that, they found themselves in Collette's bedroom.

Say what you will about Galen but dude's not cheap. He left a karaoke machine and a bunch of flowers outside Collette's door as a gift.

Collette invited Galen over the next day and he brought Petra! Again! What did he think she invited him over for anyway?

She didn't stay long, thank goodness and Collette ended up being able to spend quite a bit of time with Galen.

All that time spent with Galen has made her work suffer though. Justina was finally able to get Collette a job in her field as a Science Teacher but she's just been demoted to Field Researcher.

Collette sets her sights on climbing her way back up to her starting position and settles down for an afternoon of studying.

To reward herself for her hard work, she accepted another one of Galen's invitations, this time just the two of them.

After they finished eating at the Orchard, they again headed back to Collette's place.

Charlton was not happy to see him the next morning.

Aphrodite and Charlton decided distraction might be the best distraction for the Galen problem. It was Open Mic night at Center Drip and Aphrodite thought she might try her hand at stand-up. Charlton and Collette enjoyed it, at least.

Plus, Charlton and Aphrodite just had a nice night together in general.

When they got home, Galen had dropped off yet another expensive gift for Collette. Perfect for her too, seeing her OTH is Games.

On Friday afternoon, Charlton happened upon Cedric walking Gardenia outside the twins' unit. What a great opportunity for his dad to meet Aphrodite!

They enjoyed a really basic meal of lunch meat sandwiches. Collette's the cook in this household!

Speaking of Collette, she had just arrived home from work and just happened to have brought Justina with her.

Justina was just in time to meet Aphrodite before she left for work, so both Collette's parents are here just in time to see this!

Collette was more worried than anyone, it seems.

She wished that she could have got married then had a baby just like her parents had.

She was feeling really depressed now. Gardenia seemed to sense it and rolled onto her back for a belly scratch.

Collette just wasn't sure what was in store for her and her child in the years to come.

  • I don't know why all my girls like Galen so much. He has 3 bolt attractions with no less than 3 of my playables - Collette, Petra and his wife Georgette. His highest score is with Petra at 158. He was too young for Petra when she got married though and I think she might be higher with Isaac anyway.
  • Poor Collette! Her aspiration is very high but the poor girl really does make those sad faces all the time. Her secondary aspiration is Family, so she's desperate to have a baby but she probably never thought it'd be this way. She's also desperate to marry Galen, so she's a glutton for punishment.
  • At least Collette's had an easy pregnancy though. She didn't throw up at all and hasn't been particularly tired or hungry. And Galen is paying his child support already, so he's responsible, at least. But we've already established that he's not cheap, so that's no surprise.


  1. Poor Collette! Having a romancer's baby. Yikes. I bet her brother isn't happy.

  2. Poor Collette. I hope things work out for her and her baby!

  3. Poor Collette. It's never good to get knocked by a romance sim, lol. Anya learned the hard way, but Rupert surprised me. (You'll have to wait for that update) Just hope he a good daddy for Collette, but what will his wife think? If your sims gossip like mine, she'll find out sooner or later.

  4. Oooh, can't wait, Riverdale!

    I'm hoping Charlton will get over the Galen thing and focus on helping Collette through her pregnancy. He can bitch at her about Galen later LOL!

  5. Wow, that's a surprise! She does make some sad faces, lol :) I hope everything works out for her.

  6. As I've been playing other houses, I've noticed she's moping all around the neighbourhood as well. Poor thing.

    Still not sure what I'll do with her. Galen's marriage is on shaky ground, so I don't know if he and Georgette will work things out or divorce. Collette could get her wish if they break up.

  7. How come in my game, nobody gets expensive gifts like that after dream dates? All they get is the flowers... Question: When Galen leaves those expensive presents, does the amount get deducted from his household funds or does the game just conjure up the presents from ether?

  8. How often do your Sims go on dates or outings? Mine do all the time and the gifts come *maybe* 10% of the time. Some Sims just seem luckier than others.

    It doesn't have to be a dream date - it can be any date or outing that goes well.

    I don't think the money is deducted from household funds. But I don't pay enough attention to that to notice!

  9. All my romance sims go on dates all the time, and all they've gotten are flowers... I wonder if it's because they only go on ONE date with each person? I've never had a sim date the same person twice...

  10. You can get big gifts on first dates. I remember thinking to myself that some of the gifts are bit over the top for a first date!

    There's no reason you shouldn't be getting these gifts, so I guess keep trying?