Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Girl inform me

Round 12: Days 56-60

Pregnant Collette has taken her parents up on their offer to move in with them. The last house was too small for grandparents, mother and baby, so they've bought a brand new house.

Moving into the new house had tired out Collette, so the first thing she did when they'd finished was relax on her brand new bed. The bedroom she'd chosen was right across the hall from another bedroom, which would become her son's nursery.

Her father Cedric had become more interested in fitness in his declining years (as opposed to his true talent - Music and Dance) so he was eager to try out the pool in the backyard.

Mother Justina was just happy the new house had a little pond in the backyard. She finally achieved her dream of catching a golden trout!

Collette still had her sights set on marrying Galen, the father of her baby, but since he'd reconciled with Georgette, that didn't look like it was going to happen. She focused on making some new friends, like Maria Collins. Maria was recently widowed, so perhaps she'd even have some parenting tips for Collette.

Just a couple of nights after they'd moved in, Collette went into labour. She was glad to have both her parents there to support her.

Finally, Owen Theodore was born. Collette decided to give him her last name. Galen could leave his wife if he wanted Owen to have his surname. Justina and Cedric congratulated each on their new status as grandparents with a hug.

And after mother and baby are in bed, with some couch woohoo.

It wasn't long before Owen needs his mother. Collette was awoken at 2am for nappy changing. It wasn't exactly how she was used to spending the early hours of the morning but she didn't mind.

The next morning at breakfast, Collette confessed to Cedric that the father of her baby was Galen Clarke, a married man. She even shared that she one day hoped to marry him. Cedric didn't think that sounded like a good idea and told his daughter to have this man meet his child and then forget about least as a romantic partner. Collette wasn't sure, but she promised she'd think about it.

She invited Galen over that night and he was happy to come and meet little Owen.

She was finding it hard to resist his advances but she was good! A friendly hug at the end of the night was as far as they went.

Meanwhile, Justina has joined her husband in elderhood and was spending her free time the way she always had - sewing.

She even managed to sew some new clothes for Owen in time for his birthday.

Collette came home from work one night and found the living room to be rather cramped. Simona Moretti had come home from work with her father and dragged along her daughter Arianna and new resident Julian Sitko. Simona was hoping to do some matchmaking but soon found Arianna and Julian showed no interest in each other at all. Julian and Collette though...that was another story.

Abandoning Galen for Julian would have its advantages. Her dad loved Julian, for one thing. Julian already knew she had a son and it didn't seem to bother him. Most of all, unlike Galen, Julian was single!

  • I had planned on setting Arianna up with Julian (as I have blabbed about before) but that was a bust. I had never considered him for Collette but they seem to get along really well. This has probably worked out for the better because Arianna's Pleasure, so she won't mind waiting longer to get married. Collette is dying to, though the want to marry Galen dropped off as soon as I unlocked it. She and Julian are only 2 bolts but Collette only seems to get three bolts with married men (she also has 3 bolts with Joseph Carmody). So we'll see how this goes when I get around to playing Julian's lot. He lives in the same triplex as Charlton and Aphrodite.


  1. Wouldn't it be hilarious if being married was a turn on? LOL! Collette has 'the other woman' syndrome!

    Oooh, hopefully she and Julian can hook up. Her baby needs a daddy (who isn't married to someone else) and Collette has no chance with Galen!

  2. I have always thought that the game needed more turn-ons not so based on appearance and "being married" would be an awesome one! How funny!

  3. OMG, I swear married men must be a turn-on! At one point, my Charlotte had six three-bolt-hotties and they were all married, lol!

    I'd love for there to be more turn-ons too! It's too bad that aspect of the game can't seem to be modded (from what I've read).

    Looks like she's a smart cookie to drop that "get married to Galen" want. Good luck to her and Julian!

  4. Isn't it funny how sims don't act according to your plan?! I've had it happen many times that the sims I've intended to get together aren't attracted to each other at all.

    Poor Collette, I hope she can find a decent (and single) man to settle down with.

  5. Yay, Charlotte, for dropping Galen. He was no good for her. If he could cheat on his wife what would he had done if he married her? I hope things work out with this new guy.

    I think married sims just attract singles lol. They give off the "I'm hoot," radar.

  6. Yes, Sims must think "there must be something good about him if he's taken!" LOL.

    Galen definitely wouldn't have stopped cheating, had he got together with Collette, so it's for the best, I think.

  7. LOL, well I've always heard that some women become really interested once they see that wedding band on a man's finger, so I guess Collette is one of those women! ;)

    I hope things work out with Collette and Julian!

  8. Ha, yes, I remember an episode of Seinfeld to that effect!

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