Monday, 26 January 2009

Men's needs

Round 12: Days 56-60
As usual, Magdalena's friend Araminta had come home with her after school. After Magdalena finished her homework, the girls spent most of their time giggling and dancing to the stereo in the dining room.

Today though, it was Lukas's turn to watch them. Raffaella's sister Simona had come to visit and they planned to go to a cafe for a late lunch.

They could have walked but it had been so hot in Sullivan recently that they took Raff's car instead.

Once they got to village centre, they played a bit of chess but Raffaella was really keen for a plate of her favourite dish - spaghetti bolognaise - so they quickly headed over to the outdoor cafe.

It was a good opportunity for the sisters to discuss Raffaella's feelings on becoming a grandmother before the age of 50 but one of the sisters ended up going hungry.

The waiter had brought her food to her but before Raffaella even had a chance to pick up her fork, Mary Vijayakar had swiped the plate and gone to eat it herself! Raffaella was really hungry so she ordered another plate.

Unfortunately, Betsy Carmody took her second plate! Vivienne and Joseph might need to work on her manners!

Raffaella was still hungry when she got home (chocolate clusters from the vending machine took the edge off but weren't very filling). A nice cherry cheesecake should hit the spot! One of the perks of having a daughter so interested in cuisine is that she was constantly downloading new recipes off the internet.

Magdalena was a very domestic child. She would have cooked all the family meals if her parents let her near the oven and she also made sure all the bedrooms were neat and tidy before she left for school. The Novaks could easily afford a maid but they didn't need one with Magdalena in the house.

Unperturbed by her previous bug hunting expeditions, Raffaella was still trying to complete her collection.

She usually ended up being chased by bees all over the front yard, with Floyd Lane laughing at her, in his typically mean-spirited manner.

She ended up with heatstroke a few times too but thankfully had not passed out yet.

Magdalena had a birthday this round and unsurprisingly, she turned out to be very family oriented. She also continued to be as social as she was as a little girl, always wanting to make as many friends as she could.
  • I had heard of the plate stealing problem and seen it in my game but it was usually my Sims stealing from other Sims (autonomously). I think this was the first time my controllable had food taken from them. Very irritating.
  • Magdalena is the first Sim I've had who had earned almost all the Lifetime Benefits points before she aged to teen. Amazing. She has 12 of them, so she's got all the Family Benefits, the Work Benefits, the Motive Benefits and a secondary aspiration of Popularity. If she could have a third one, it would be Knowledge. She's the only Sim I've had who would actually suit a third aspiration.
  • Raffaella is an overachiever. She earned 8 scholarships, which in my game means that Sim has all their tuition fully paid for. As an adult, she also maxed out all skills, even though it was not her LTW. She's passed the overachieving gene onto her two kids as well. Augustin earned 6 scholarships and Magdalena is on her second day of teen hood and has already earned 4 (the bare minimum my Sims need to go to college). It's a shame she's got no desire to attend, because she'd do really well.


  1. Poor Raffaella not getting to eat the food she ordered! I've only had my controllable Sim have his plate stolen once, but I always see other customers on community lots stealing other Sims' plates autonomously. Sometimes on my business lot The Willow, my chef will decide to take a break and then go steal a customer's plate. It is pretty annoying!

  2. None of my controlled sims ever stole a plate, but my other sims do it a lot of the time. I haven't noticed it as much after AL but it most likely will happen sooner or later.

  3. argh! Plate stealing drives me insane. Dang sims.

    Hehe, a family of overachievers! Wow. I can't believe she has all her points already.

  4. She's still got a few points to have all the Popularity benefits but she's getting there.

    I just remembered Lukas was a bright little spark too. He earned 6 scholarships. He and Raff were loaded when they pooled their funds at college.