Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Robot rock

Round 10: Days 46-50

Hanna checks on her ants every morning before school. She's a true Knowledge Sim in the making.

Right now, Adam is very studious too but that will soon change.

Still some fabulous Sim parenting going on in Exeter. Isaac, it's probably a little cold to let your son play football outside in pyjamas and bare feet!

Of all the twins I've had in Sullivan so far, Adam and Hanna are the closest.

Adam's OTH is Cuisine. He's getting very good at it, so he must have been watching his Dad. Isaac works in Culinary, though he was demoted twice this session - once from Sous Chef to Prep Cook and then again to Waiter.

Hanna sneaks out of bed every night to watch the stars. She's hoping to discover a new constellation or planet.

Isaac is still sucking up to Petra after last round's indiscretions. He's got a general want to woohoo with 3 Sims but no wants at all related to Mackenzie.

One of the kids brought Araminta home from school. She hung around until 11pm and then left, saying "you invited me to stay the night and then didn't let me get any sleep". Lovely, except no one invited you to stay the night.

Adam and Hanna have grown up now and don't seem quite as close as they used to be. Hanna is focused on getting into private school, with an eye on university and Adam is happy to juggle bottles, drink coffee and jump on the couch. And serve up delicious meals - he's still very into cooking and even wants to be a Celebrity Chef when he grows up.

Hanna found enough time away from her studies to get her first kiss from Augustin.

Augustin headed off home just before Headmaster Quincy arrived for dinner. He was really unimpressed with the house and the meal wasn't enough to get 90 points. So Petra had to turn on the charm.

It works! Adam and Hanna will start at the private school on Monday.

Isaac doesn't look too pleased! They haven't been robbed recently, so that's not it.

Oh. Apparently, he's not too keen on Augustin. He's furious at him, for some reason and his relationship with him is -64 daily! I wish I'd seen what happened between them!

  • Apologies for the disjointed post. I played this family over 3 separate sessions so I'd get started on one tangent in one session and then forget it in the next so I had to write it more commentary style than usual.
  • Obviously, I am set up on my new computer, which I love! I transferred everything from my portable hard drive to the new computer, then realised I had a bad installation of Windows, so I had to reinstall it. I must have selected the wrong option because it reinstalled but it also formatted. So I had to drag everything on again. Argh! This was after I'd spent the afternoon installing all the Sims games (we all know how tedious that is).
  • The game runs beautifully on the new PC though. There is no lag at all so I might try putting some of the settings up today. Load time is the best change - 12 minutes to get from my desktop to CAS! Previously, it was about 40 minutes.


  1. Yay, congrats on the new computer!

    It seems like Isaac doesn't approve of his daughter's boyfriend. One of my sims once got furious with his best friend because the friend was also his sister's boyfriend and was cheating on her. I thought it was pretty cool.

  2. Hooray for new computers! The improvement in load times is always very nice.

    Hahaha, why is he furious with his daughter's boyfriend? He probably can't believe the little snot kissed HIS little girl or something equally as twisted.

  3. Yay, welcome back!

    I wonder what happened between them for him to be so mad. DOn't you just love when something happens when you're not playing a house and they have a falling out with another sim. ROFL

  4. How funny that Isaac is angry with his daughter's little boyfriend! Don't you just love little surprises like that? :)

    Yay for your new computer! That's a massive improvement on load time!

  5. I never would have picked Isaac for the overprotective father but I guess he showed me! Every time my Sims get angry at each other, I always seem to miss it.

    Thanks for reading, guys!