Friday, 13 May 2016

Lot tour: The Claudette

A little while back, there was a project at N99 where we made and fulfilled requests. At the time, I'd just realised that The Claudette, Adam Gottlieb's restaurant, was from the Exchange and now that it was closed, I had no hope of getting it back for Sullivan 2.0. So I asked if anyone would be willing to build a new version of The Claudette for me, with the same sort of style as the old one. I specified that I'd decorate the interior myself, so I wasn't too fussed about what it looked like inside. The lovely Tanja (blogger for SimsVille and now Linfort) took me up on it and built me a fantastic new restaurant. I excitedly downloaded it and then it sat in my hood for...probably two years?

But I was hit by some inspiration this weekend and finally decided to decorate it.

Tanja did an awesome job recreating the exterior (the original is here) and I changed very little. I just moved the phone outside and changed the wallpaper and some of the tiling. Although, looking at the original wallpaper, I might change it again.