Saturday, 30 November 2013


Round 34: November 2040 (Spring)

Linnea Lane is 80, Eliot is 54, Cordy is 47, Simon and Matthew are 15 and Charlotte is 11.
(Athena is 80, Luc is 47, Tim is 20, Annabel is 16 and Aurora is 14)

Narrated by Matthew Lane

A few months back, we had my grandma Linnea move in with us.

Friday, 22 November 2013

You say it's your birthday, November 2040

November 2040 (Spring)

The first trimester of Patience Ashton's surprise third pregnancy was not pleasant.

Patience is now into her second trimester, her morning sickness is over and she and Rob have told Felicity and Patrick that they'll be getting a new brother or sister soon enough.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Expanded genetics

In the notes for my last update, I talked about the new genetic system I'm using and said I would chase up the link to the thread, if anyone was interested. Tanja was and on the chance she wasn't the only one, I'm adding it here too.

So...Simmerville at The Sims Daily started this fantastic thread quite a while ago, talking about his/her (most simmers seem to be female but Simmerville has always used male avatars, so I think they might be a guy?) genetic system in TS3, used to decide whether a sim will have freckles, glasses and their level of hairiness. It's an interesting read.

If you're a member of N99, you can also read this thread, where I talk a bit about how I'm planning to adapt it to my own game. I'd never really thought about an actual system for this kind of thing before but I was immediately excited when I read Simmerville's thread!

It's almost a year later now (wow!) and I've been thinking about this a bit and deciding how I will implement it into my own game. I'm going to write this as if you've read Simmerville's original post in the thread I linked to, so go read that!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Dog paddle

Round 34: October 2040 (Spring)
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Jonas Lachance is 62, Tatiana is 57 and Brendan is 17. 
(Corbin and Pamela are 55, Dominic is 30, Leslie is 29, Jack and Audrey are 28, Edward and Lucy are 25, Georgina is 16 and Oscar and Stella are 8 months old.)

Narrated by Jonas Lachance

Tatiana and I became grandparents in February, when Dominic and Leslie welcomed Oscar and Stella into the world. We were so thrilled to become grandparents at all and then to get two grandchildren at once was almost too much!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

You say it's your birthday, October 2040

Another month in Sullivan and another little boy celebrating his first birthday!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Love like a sunset

Round 34: September 2040 (Spring)

(Jonas is 62, Tatiana is 57 and Veronica is 22)
Narrated by Edward Lachance

Chris finished his master’s last year and he’s been really enjoying the extra free time. I often see him curled up on the couch after work taking a nap, just because he can now.