Thursday, 24 August 2006

Welcome to Sullivan

Hi there! If you've never visited Sullivan before, this might all look a little overwhelming to you. I started Sullivan in October 2008, started updating at N99 almost immediately and decided to move it all to a blog in November that same year. I tend to update at a fairly quick pace, so there's a lot to go through!

You'll find that the older entries are much shorter and of a different style than the more recent ones. My entries used to be pure game play but as Sullivan went on, I moved more towards the storytelling side of things, which I think was a move for the better. It's a pretty healthy mix of game play and storytelling now. If there was a specific point where this shift happened, I'd link you to that and advise you to start reading there. But it was a very gradual change. I can only say I don't cringe as much at my updates past about Round 16 or 17!

The quickest way to start reading is to just jump in from the latest entry. I try to write each entry in such a way that it would be relatively easy for someone to pick up who everyone is and what's happening without having read every single entry preceding it. Each entry has a tag for each sim featured, by first name. Within the entries themselves, I often link back to certain events that have happened in previous updates.

If you want to go through and read every single entry, I'm impressed because that's quite an undertaking! This is where you'd want to start - everything before that is either a Sim profile, or an informational post which is linked to in the sidebar anyway.

If you do choose to start reading from the beginning, or from any point in the past, you should be aware that reading the profiles can mean spoilers! Not huge spoilers, mind you. But you may find out that two Sims who are dating at the point you're at end up breaking up, or that a young, healthy Sim meets an unexpected end in a fire or a car crash. I haven't really found a way around this and I know that the profiles are useful for readers who are up to date (and even for me!), as well as readers who are just starting out, so all I can do is give you fair warning!

I don't mind where or how you start off reading - I'm just happy to have you here. :) Please feel free to leave comments on older posts as well as the more recent ones, if you have something to add or ask, or even just to say hello. I love hearing from readers!

From time to time, I make things for my game and share them here at the blog. You can see the things I've shared in the past here. I do not take requests (not nearly talented enough for that anyway!) and I don't share my Sims. I used to do the latter, once upon a time, but I'm a lot more attached to them these days and don't really like the thought of them wandering around in other people's games.

Outside of this blog, there are a few places you can follow me:
Twitter (where I babble about both real life and Sim stuff)
Pinterest (where I've just started to catalog my Sims downloads)
Tumblr (where I'll be posting outtakes, favourite pics and other Sullivan randomness)

Any questions? Just ask!