Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The beginning of Sullivan

Here's an overview of what I have so far. There are two farmhouses on the far side of the road. Both houses have plots already laid down ready for crops and I think I put some orchard trees in too. They are also both Maxis houses that I have slightly modified (following a tutorial every step of the way, if that gives you an idea what an awful builder I am!). Anyway, the farmers that will live here will grow fresh fruit and vegetables to sell in the farmer's market.

The other side, without that enormous tree in the way. We have two more houses here on the left. They're also Maxis houses but are completely unmodified. The Sims who live here will be more like hobby farmers - much smaller output, which they will likely keep for themselves, and they will hold down day jobs too. In the middle is the farmer's market and on the right is Sullivan Creek, where the Sims of Sullivan can gather to fish.

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