Tuesday, 21 October 2008

La Famiglia Moretti

The Morettis are my Italian family.
The matriarch is Lidia.

Papa Giuseppe is her husband. Papa Giuseppe started out as a joke Sim my sister made way back in 2004 with just the base game (Papa Giuseppe is a brand name here). Our version actually looks more like an Italian stereotype from a completely different ad for pasta sauce (Dolmio, if any Aussies are reading - doesn't he look like he'd wear the Dolmio grin?) but we love him anyway. I missed him, so I remade him for Sullivan.

Next door lives Vincenzo, the Morettis' son. He's married to Chiara and they have two daughters, Simona and Raffaella. He and Chiara are both Sports sims, which doesn't fit the idea I had of them at all.

A close-up of Vincenzo. I downloaded him from somewhere but I changed his skintone and hair and removed a whole mess of make-up from his face. He's Pleasure and has the LTW to become a Celebrity Chef.

Chiara, holding Raffaella. I made Chiara in Body Shop. She's Popularity and wants to become the Mayor.

Simona who, like Raffaella, was made in CAS with the "Make a Baby" tool.
And finally, little Raffaella. Even looking back, she's still one of my favourite Sullivan Sims. She's definitely the cutest toddler I've ever had born from the Make a Baby tool. That can give some real fugs sometimes.

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