Monday, 10 November 2008

More from the Morettis

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How cute was Raffaella as a toddler? She's still pretty cute now. She's a Nature Sim, by the way, so this was very fitting.

Vincenzo and Chiara do this all day. They woohoo of their own accord every day, sometimes twice but amazingly, did not end up having another baby. I kind of wish they did, because their daughters are both gorgeous but I've promised myself I'm going to let the Sims guide this. My Sims don't skill, marry, have a baby or go to college unless they do it autonomously (in the case of babies and skilling) or have the want to do it.

More cuteness from Raffaella. She's with her nonno here. She just makes the best expressions - I could have posted so many pics of her.

I thought Simona was kind of awkward as a child but she's quite beautiful as a teen. Jonah Draper agrees.

Simona and Raffaella are BFFs, I swear!

Another one of Raffaella and Lukas together.


  1. Raffaela is CUTIE! I wish you HAD put more pictures of her, she's sweet. She looks very nice as a teen, too...What's her LTW?

  2. Thanks. Her LTW is to become a Cult Leader (reach the top of the Paranormal career). It never really fit her and I'll probably start rerolling LTWs that don't fit the Sim from now on.