Monday, 10 November 2008

What the Clarkes have been up to

Breeding, mostly! I have but two pictures of them, because I was busy getting toddlers trained almost the whole time.

Nelson and Gina Clarke enjoying some lunch on the roof of their first apartment together. I just love the view in this picture. Looks very urban. They didn't live there for long, due to the breeding. It was very small.

The Clarke kids. Drusilla is in the pink, Xanthia is in the orange and Galen is the little boy. Plenty more from them later.


  1. Cute Children! Why so many? I like Nelson, he's very...distinctive-looking, lol.

  2. Ha, why so many children? Because in the beginning (these kids are all close to or in middle age now), I let the Sims control their own fertility. I put a stop to that when Sacha had FIVE kids. That's way too many for me. It also makes it hard to pair Sims up when they're all related!