Monday, 10 November 2008

What's been happening at the Novaks?

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Over at the trailer park, Kristina prepares a turkey for dinner with the headmaster later on. Justina was desperate to get into private school. Fees are $3000 per rotation, plus $1000 per rotation for each subsequent child so it's quite pricey. However, because the Novaks live in such an el cheapo place, they were able to ferret away quite a bit of money and didn't have much trouble affording it.

The headmaster must have enjoyed the turkey, because he accepts Justina and Lukas into his school. And Justina comes home with her first A+! Seriously, she took forever to earn it.

Lukas is pretty happy with his new school too.

Here's Justina and Cedric on a shopping trip downtown. They went steady all through their teen years.

From the time he transitioned to child, Lukas was been desperate for a kitten. Once Justina left for college, the Novaks finally had enough room for one. He had to wait until he was a teen for it though.

Here he is as a teen, hanging out with his girlfriend Raffaella. Who is my favourite Sim ever, by the way. When I get to the Morettis, you'll see a little more of her.

So. Apparently, men are not attractive to Kristina until after they marry other women. She "booty called" Sacha (an ACR feature) all on her own and they were woohooing on the couch before I knew it. I have never had this happen with a Family sim before. Certainly adds some spice to the neighbourhood, especially seeing Kristina fell pregnant to him!


  1. I always think it's funny when the Sims that I see as more sexually conservative place a booty call. Florence Delarosa tried to booty call Darren, and Darren tried to booty call Cassandra!

  2. Ha, go Florence! I always find that funny too.

    Kristina was not sexually conservative, by any stretch of the imagination though. Sacha was supposed to be, being a Family Sim, but he had ideas of his own. I ended up making his secondary aspiration Romance because he was heading that way anyway.

  3. Oh man! I have to get ACR for booty calls! It'll be nice to see some more variety in my hood!

    1. ACR is a must-have! You're like 25 rounds away from it right now but I actually had a Sim break up with her boyfriend and move onto another guy, entirely based on the new guy booty-calling her. It really does spice up your game.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Just her luck to fall pregnant. That feature does make for interesting gameplay

    1. My first accidental pregnancy but not the last, lol! I think it's a lot of fun.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!