Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Yet another wedding

Round 7: Days 31-35
Elias and Nathalie have also bought a house downtown, just around the corner from Petra. Elias gets the want to make their relationship official almost as soon as they move in.

They become my first Sims to get married in Central Park. I went and swiped all the lots from Belladonna Cove. Center Drip Coffee Shop was the lot the Morettis were at when things blew up between Sacha and Emmy.

Simona is almost as bad as Emmy because she's always hanging around at my other Sims' houses too. She has the courtesy to ring the doorbell at least though and actually interacts with people, rather than just dancing or watching TV like Emmy normally does.

Elias hasn't got enough money for his pottery store yet, so he's just building up a nice stockpile of vases, amphoras and tea sets until he finds a suitable lot.

Please don't be twins!

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