Monday, 10 November 2008

A Kirby catch-up

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Not many pictures of the Kirbys, for some reason (I get all caught up playing them, I think) but here's Joanne, very pregnant.

And it's a boy! His name is Brandon. He's unfortunately blonde - I was really hoping for a redhead.

Skipping to child Brandon, as toddler Brandon's eyebrows were hellacious. I have no idea where they came from. I didn't think to cover them with hair until he was a child. On the weekends, he comes to "help" at the Farmer's Market but ends up playing darts and annoying his parents most of the time. Next rotation, he'll be a teen and hence a bit more useful.


  1. Brandon looks sweet! I really like your farmer family. They have a very earthy house, too. Did you make it?

  2. Thanks. No, I didn't make this house. It's a Maxis house that is heavily modified.