Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Sacha causes more trouble at other people's homes

Maybe Galen will compete for the title of my favourite Sim too. I think he's going to be so much fun to play as he grows up. He's currently dating Georgette, his BFF from childhood. I can't help but wonder if Georgette is setting herself up for heartbreak with Galen though, just like her poor mum.

I told you they liked dancing. They're all really good too. Galen hangs out with Xanthia all the time but hardly ever bothers with Drusilla.

Future Rock God? Doing the smustle?

This made me laugh. Xanthia and Galen were hanging out in the hallway when Gina came to sit down with them. The conversation immediately stalled, like one of them had said, "Shhh, Mum's coming!"

Anyway, Galen being Galen, he decided that Brandon Kirby had been single long enough and makes it his mission to help him meet someone. He has just the girl in mind.

I was using the influence option to have Galen tell Brandon what to do with Leontine. It was going well but she soon lost interest and wandered off to play pinball.

So Brandon took things into his own hands and made a move on Vivienne, Leontine's older sister. She seems pretty receptive for someone who has found herself unexpectedly holding a teenage boy in her arms.

Back at home, Emmy is visiting. Again. Why is she so angry?

Ah. Sacha has chosen the wrong day to come home from work with Nelson, I think (they both work as city planners).

Being a Sim, he goes totally emo about it.

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