Friday, 28 November 2008

Mr and Mrs Benton

Round 8: Days 36-40

After Xanthia's graduation, she and Stan move to suburban Sullivan, an area new to the both of them. Instead of buying a home, they opt to rent a townhouse (the purple one, to be specific) in the same complex as Kristina and Alexandra.

Both being keen to start a family, they get to work immediately. Unfortunately, they are unsuccessful, even after "getting to work" multiple times.

Straight out of college, Stan gets a job as a Sea Lice Research Assistant. On his first day, after making a bad decision, he is demoted to Dolphin Tank Cleaner. Which is a pretty harsh punishment, I feel. Inexplicably though, he seems thrilled with this.

Oh. Maybe he's not as resilient as I assumed (the 3500 aspiration points were from making friends with Lucas Scott here, his workmate - not from getting demoted).

So I thought it was just Floyd Lane that Claudius Atkins, the landlord, has a problem with. But no. I've since noticed that he seems to have issues with just about every one of his tenants. I have never seen this guy initiate positive interactions with anybody. According to SE2, he has 2 nice points. He doesn't appear to use either of them.

These two finally roll up the want to get married, so I send them on down to Central Park. I'm really going to have to get started on a church, tacky wedding chapel or City Hall type venue. I'm getting a little tired of outdoor ceremonies. But the Benton wedding was beautiful and it was also the first time I've been successful in getting family members to come to a community lot wedding. I used the Groups function from NL, which has never worked very well for me before.

This is just a small selection of snapshots from the wedding and Drusilla and Floyd are being all lovey-dovey in the background of all of them. I love it when my couples interact autonomously when I'm not controlling them. Even when it does lead to Sacha/Emmy/Noelle-type situations.

Okay, that's enough of Drusilla and Floyd. This is not their night, it's Xanthia and Stan's.

Aah, the first dance, with the beautiful backdrop of the Central Park toilets in the background.

One last one of the wedding - Stan and Xanthia gazing up at the stars, completely ruining Xanthia's gown with grass stains in the process. Ah well. It's a cute shot.

Back at home, Xanthia is bored as hell interacting with her new neighbours. There's that troublemaker Noelle in the background too. I didn't notice her while I was playing. I don't think Stan would go for her, as he's Family. Then again, so is Sacha and he went for Kristina.

What is that grin for? I think a Baby Benton may have finally been conceived.


  1. Hi there! I followed your link from the comment you left on my blog and have spent some time catching up. Very cool hood you've got here, it's definitely filled with some characters, LOL! Sacha blew my mind with his unrepentant cheating.

    I've added this to my RSS and will be hopefully able to keep up. :D

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it and I hope you'll keep reading. :D

    I think Sacha surprised me more than anyone. It wasn't how I pictured his life turning out at all but it's turned out to be a lot of fun anyway.