Monday, 1 December 2008

Nathaniel Kirby passes on his legacy

Round 8: Days 36-40

Nathaniel has now officially transferred ownership of Kirby Market to his son, Brandon. He did it before he died, rather than leaving the lot to Brandon in his will, so he could enjoy his last few years and so he could spend some time passing on the benefits he's earned to Brandon.

So the family business is now on Brandon's shoulders. Joanne has given him full use of her ute, so that he can take all the produce to the store (which is actually just across the road).

He gets to work learning the ropes pretty quickly. He's got a built-in customer base already, so that helps. They are used to far more efficient service than Brandon can offer right now though. He's managed to keep the angry bag-tossing to a minimum so far.

You have to wonder if the farmhouse isn't getting a little crowded, especially when Nathaniel and Joanne have a comfy bed upstairs, but insist on woohooing on the couch. In front of their son.

Vivienne would have liked to continue their relationship when Brandon grew up, but he's decided it would be best for everyone if they kept it platonic until she starts college (which she will, at the end of this rotation).

Inside, Nathaniel attempts to cook a meal for the neighbours who have all turned up outside their house at the last minute (including Mayor Moretti) but it all goes pear-shaped.

Lukas had only just been greeted but he bolted towards the fire.

Drusilla rushed in from outside to see the commotion as well (is this new? I've never had Sims rush in from other rooms to panic at fires before).

Mayor Moretti, however, just keeps hula-ing.

Adding insult to injury, no one except Drusilla even stays for dinner (can't say I would have either). Not a great night for Nathaniel, the Cuisine enthusiast.


  1. Poor Brandon, his parents are ruining the couch and he is loveless! Funny about the fire, though, and the hula-ing mayor, LOL.

  2. Heh, I think it's almost time for Nathaniel and Joanne to shuffle off this mortal coil and Vivienne is heading off to college soon. So things will be very different for Brandon next rotation, I think.