Sunday, 14 December 2008

Last goodbye

Round 9: Days 41-45
At Kristina and Alexandra's townhouse, Kristina has once again had to prepare a meal for the headmaster. Alexandra would really like to attend the private school her older siblings Justina and Lukas went to. Anyway, looks like Icarus Quincy enjoyed the steak!

Late that night, Kristina is awoken by Alexandra coughing from her bedroom. It doesn't sound good to Kristina, so she heads down to Kirby Market immediately.

She's heard that the Kirby family grows a certain variety of oranges, guaranteed to cure illness. Looks like they might be out of season though, because all Kristina can see are eggplants and capsicums. She'll have to take care of Alexandra the old-fashioned way - lots of bed rest.

Ha, it appears everyone is fighting back against that nasty landlord, even the local wildlife.

Alexandra is still sick but her mother has allowed her to use the downstairs computer, as long as she promises not to get up and walk around. She meets Leontine, her half-sister, in a chat room and learns a bit about her father. Kristina never talked about him much.

Oh, neither Kristina or Alexandra were expecting this! Kristina's last thoughts were of Alexandra. She hoped that either Justina or Lukas would take her in with their families.

Alexandra's cough seems to getting worse.

So her mother is dead and she's sick with an illness that seems to be worsening. There's not much for poor Alexandra to be happy about right now.

Another funny that didn't fit in anywhere else:

This was so sad and funny at the same time. Kristina invited one of her old dates, Harry, over for a booty call (yes, while her sick daughter was sleeping upstairs). She went outside and waited for him forever but he never showed up!

  • I use Realistic Sickness, so Alexandra is actually quite sick. I don't know if anyone has ever managed to kill their Sims with the Maxis flu but I used to send my Sims to school and work with it and they'd still get better. This sickness is much worse. You can cure it in all the usual ways (rest, comfort soup and orange juice) but if you don't do any of that, the Sim will die. Way back before I was blogging this neighbourhood and the Novaks were still in the trailer park, Justina actually contracted the flu and died. Kristina was able to plead with Grimmy and get her back but it was a scary moment for me anyway!
  • Next round, Alexandra will move in with her big brother Lukas and his family. She'll still be sick, so I'll put her in Magdalena's room, seeing babies and toddlers can't get sick.


  1. I just installed that hack, finally. You're right, when sims get sick, they get SICK. It's crazy.

    I loved the market! I keep meaning to make use of that packing station. Hmmm...

    Bye, bye Kristina!

  2. Grrrrrrrrr, my illness hack wont work right. I think I might have a hack that is conflicting with it not sure. I even redownloaded it and installed it again. One sim got sick and the flu only lasted one day. Though the new thign I noticed, she stayed in bed on her own all day long.

  3. Goodbye Krstina. She's been one of my favorites in this hood :)

    Now, where can I get the Realistic sickness hack. I know I've seen it somewhere but just can't remember where.

  4. Yeah, it's serious business, that hack! Out of all my "make the game harder" hacks, I think that one makes it the hardest.

    GoldenBuffy, have you run the Hack Conflict Detector from SimWardrobe? It might give you a clue what's interfering if you know it worked right before.

    CissieMae, the Realistic Sickness hack is here:,8062.msg234447.html#msg234447

    That's the third page of the thread but that's the one you probably want to download. Apparently, the one on the first page will be guaranteed to kill your Sims!

  5. Oooh, that hack is a nasty one! I almost lost my little Sam Harris that way!

    Poor Alexandra! She's really having a rough time. I hope she gets some rest and feels better soon. Better keep her home from school for a little while.

  6. Poor Alexandra. I hope things get better for her soon.

    I have that hack, but none of my Sims have managed to get sick yet! I actually tried to get one sick so I could see what it was like, but even when I had him stand on top of the roaches he never got sick, LOL.

  7. Laura, I think I had just read the post about Sam Harris when Justina died of the flu as a teen, so I was thinking of him! I almost took it out because I was convinced it was rigged to always kill them!

    Shana, in my experience, they usually need to stomp on the roaches to get sick. All of the Sims in Sullivan who've got sick though have brought their illness home from work.

  8. Yep, tried the stomping--my sim still didn't get sick! The one time I actually wanted an illness and I couldn't get it. ;)