Saturday, 6 December 2008

Candlelight's first wedding

Round 8: Days 36-40
Lukas and Raffaella finally have enough benefit points to get a secondary aspiration. I usually roll for these, so Lukas gets Romance and Raffaella gets Pleasure. This was the first thing she wanted to do. So easy to keep happy!

I completely forgot that Raff had a voodoo doll! She's using it on Sky Hightower here (that's seriously her name!) to make friends in the hope of getting one of those nice networking bonuses. It didn't work.

Dejected, she heads back inside to tend to Augustin, her soon-to-be-a-toddler son.

Lukas knows that Augustin is in severe need of clothes, so he heads to the brand new clothing store in Sullivan, the Frippery Frock (very slightly modified Maxis lot). He does a bit of socialising while he's there too.

When he gets home, his son suddenly looks very, very different!

Maybe it was their son's birthday or maybe it was the home date that stirred up some romantic feelings, but the long-engaged Lukas and Raffaella finally rolled up the Get Married want. They head down to the new wedding chapel in Exeter to get hitched.

I really like how the bride's family sat on one side and the groom's family on the other.

And look, a couple actually sitting together!

A parent and child actually sitting together! I was so pleased with this wedding and it hadn't even started yet.

And Raffaella Moretti is finally Raffaella Novak.

Everyone is keen to congratulate the new couple (you can see Kristina was tired of her unmarried son's state too - she earned 8000 aspiration points for this).

Chiara is scary happy though. Look at that grin!

Kristina and Alexandra are a bit more subtle.

So this wedding is the most realistic I've had in..well, forever. The endless greeting reminds me of my own family (we're Italian too!).

Raffaella is still attracted to her husband a whole five minutes after the wedding.

So apparently Raff has snuck a joy buzzer into her wedding ceremony. Snort. That woman was crashing the wedding anyway.

I think she had some nerve making Raffaella cry on her wedding day!

Back at home, Augustin gets a cuddle from Dad before aging to child.

Ta-da! You might not be able to see in either of the toddler pics in this update but Augustin had a seriously case of pointy cheeks going on. They've softened somewhat, thank goodness. He looks very similar to what Simona looked like as a child now, which is to say still slightly awkward but will probably make an attractive teen.


  1. You know I didn't even notice his cheeks until you pointed them out, then I started to giggle. He still is a cute child. I want to pinch his cheeks. But I have chubby ones too, lol.

    Lovely wedding. I'm enjoying having them as well. And surprised at how "real" they are turning out!

  2. Hah, you should see the pic I took for his portrait (I take a nice close-up pic of each Sim in every age stage for historical purposes ;)). The cheekbones in that picture are truly something to behold!

    I love weddings. It's not just Chiara who would love to see Simona as a bride!

  3. Wow, great wedding! How come I never get weddings like that?! The chapel looks really pretty too.

  4. Oh, community lot weddings are really worth the effort but I wish you could throw a party on a community lot, rather than either using the groups function or teleporting everyone in. I've got a hack that lets you invite 255 people to your party (I never invite that many, of course!) and it's a big pain to not be able to use it for community lot weddings. :\

  5. There's a beta hack for community lot parties at (,101151.msg1476068.html#msg1476068) - I haven't tried it myself yet, but I've downloaded it.

  6. Oooh! Thanks! I must try that. I have the Visitor Controller and it says it may not be compatible with that but I hope it is. That's invaluable to me.