Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Get it back

Round 10: Days 46-50
On Thursday afternoon, the Morettis' farmhouse was once again filled with children.

It was the last time, because the Moretti kids were growing up. Arianna and Caterina became teens the same night.

It's been a long time since Simona was a teenager herself.

But along with her daughters, she proves she can still smustle with the best of them.

Filippo is a very solitary child, spending most of his time with his RC car.

Well, if not his building blocks.

The girls head off to A Lost Generation on Saturday afternoon and Caterina gets pretty friendly with townie Elmer.

Younger brother Filippo might want to tag along next time too. He's a teen now and old enough to get in.

  • Very blah update, because I was getting some major bugginess with this family. Not only was the home lot lagging badly but I was getting a jump bug with Caterina. So I spent most of my time trying to fix that and not enough taking pictures.
  • At the end of this round, I'm planning on shortening my teen life span to 8 days (inspired by Laura), even though I do really enjoy teens. Not only will it be more realistic because it corresponds to real ages but it will also make it easier for me to pair people up because they'll grow up much faster. I won't be changing my round lengths though, so I'll be sending larger groups of kids at at a time to college.


  1. All the Moretti children are very beautiful!

    I've also changed the ligestages of my sims, they are the same as Laura's. Now my teens will have to work their butt off for those scholarships but I think it's much more realistic this way.

    I've had my share of the bugginess. My game's been acting up lately. When I was doing round 1, I had to play the Whitfield household twice because my game crashed on day 4... and of course I hadn't saved.

  2. Man the thought of shortening their teen years lol. It makes my head hurt. I thought it was hard now working their butts off to get into college. For my teens they have to have 5 bars in all skills as well as 7 bars in michanical, logic, and cleaning to go to college. But how long is the teen life anyway, I never paided it much attetnion?

  3. I think the teen stage lasts 15 days as default, I have mine set to 8 days.

    Wow, Riverdale teens have very strict requirements! My teens will need a grade of at least B- and at least 3 scholarships in order to be qualified for college.

  4. Oh, been there, Cissie! That happened to me with the Kirbys a couple of rounds ago. I actually just ended up cheating them up to where they were. I have no patience for replaying!

    Wow, GB, those are some stringent standard for college!

    The minimum my kids need is 4 scholarships. I don't have a minimum grade, because homework is one of the few things my Sims have to do even if they don't have the want. My teens never seem to get the want to do homework, so everyone would be flunking if I didn't make them!

  5. Cissie, Yes, they do, lol. They have to have at least a C+ plus the skills to get into college. And tehy must pay teh tuition before they leave or they can't go. And they have to pay for all four years of school, if not they could get expelled.

    Sullivan, I made it like that to make it more "realistic" for me. If it were up to me all my teens would go to college, but I didn't want that, lol. My sims don't roll the want to do homework anymore either. I noticed that after AL was installed. Before that ALL of them wanted to do homework. Now only very studious kids/teens want to do homework. I do let some slack were others I will have them do homework all the time.

  6. I never let my teens stay teens for long, never have. It's my least favorite lifestage, haha. They stay about eight days, give or take. Just easier for me to deal with that way. ;)

  7. Yeah, I hear lots of people say they don't like teens but I have never understood disliking teens over ELDERS! Gah! Elders are so boring to me!

  8. Hello, Carla! :) I believe it's bad Netiquette to comment on old posts, but I also feel that I should let you know how much I'm enjoying your blog -- I hope you don't mind!

    I began reading about Sullivan's residents at N99, and I've enjoyed seeing their future adventures here at your blog. I'm beginning to explore Sim story sites, though at this point, I'm mostly interested in stories that feature actual gameplay. I'm happy that I remembered Sullivan, since these early posts are exactly what I'm looking for! :)

    I was inspired to comment by this post, in particular. I like the picture of the cat standing between Filippo's legs while he plays -- it's so cute, and realistic, too! Also, I got a kick out of seeing Caterina and Elmer, together. I think they may be made for each other: they obviously share the same taste in cardies! :D

  9. Whisper Doll, well, if it is bad netiquette, it's not a breach I mind at all! I love getting comments, on my new posts or my older ones.

    I'm glad you've been enjoying the Sullivan pics at N99 - I certainly post enough! These early posts are pretty much pure gameplay but as I went on, I moved away from that and started writing it more like a story. I guess it's like storytelling inspired by gameplay. I usually stick some notes in at the end to explain what game events led me to write things the way I did. To me, it was a change for the better and I enjoy writing and playing them even more than I did two years ago.

    I had to scroll back up to see which pics you meant - it's been a while since I read this! But yes, I remember my old cat doing that. I forgot about Caterina and Elmer and their cardies, lol. I won't spoil anything for you by saying anything further, though if I remember correctly, you won't have to wait long to find out if anything else happens between them.

    Thanks for reading!