Saturday, 13 December 2008

Shake some action

Round 9: Days 41-45
Last update: Nelson and Gina/Emmy
Next updates: Gina/Emmy

Emmy is the latest resident at Twilight Senior Living Complex.

She's not sure how she'll like it here. She only vaguely knows Gina and has never met Nelson. Amazingly, given how often she drops by on everyone uninvited.

She's on the phone to Pascal here and she looks a little concerned. He's just moved into his first apartment and is all alone. He's the baby of the family.

Emmy's good friend Vincenzo drops by the next day. I made it a point to make Emmy friends with all the influential people in Sullivan (as a Criminal Mastermind) and the Mayor's husband would be pretty influential.

Not sure what Nelson was trying to do here. Nothing romantic because Gina was right there and didn't get upset. Whatever it was, Emmy didn't have a great first impression of Nelson.

She consents to a game of Mahjong anyway.

Meanwhile, at the Clarkes, Nelson rushes outside when he sees Floyd Lane, his daughter Drusilla's live-in boyfriend, pass by. They've never met, so he's not going to give up this opportunity. Weirdly though, considering it's 11:30 in the morning, Floyd tells Nelson it's getting late and he should head home. Right then.

Looks like Nelson's time has run out though and he never will get a chance to interrogate Floyd.

Gina was really upset - much more upset than any other grieving spouse I've seen. She sobbed for ages.

Best friend Noelle feels it's best if she stays a while to make sure Gina is okay and that she eats something. Similar to what I did with Emmy, I tried to make the Clarkes friends with all the Bohemian social group townies.

She's a good friend. Kind of a homewrecker but a good friend.

Finally, a funny:
You'll need to click that to read it (and I just realised I forgot to crop it, so you can see my lovely messy desktop in the background). I'd never seen that memory before and thought it was quite apt for Galen!

  • I confess that I skipped through much of this session. I played Emmy for 2 days and then aged her 3. Then I went to the Clarkes, aged them up 2 days and played them for 3. The whole old folks' home thing is not working for me - it's not making them any more interesting. Next rotation, I'll probably move Gina and Emmy in with their Romance Sim sons and they can make nuisances of themselves in their apartments. I'm going to go back to keeping the oldies with their families, as I've done in previous hoods.


  1. I don't blame you at all for wanting to keep the elders with the families. I've tried the old folks thing, too, and it didn't work, LOL. They don't cause enough drama away from their families. ;)

  2. Ha, I actually don't know why I thought it *would* work. Take the Sims I find most boring and stick them on a lot all together where I'm still forced to play them all separately anyway. Yes, that sounds like a fantastic idea!

    I'll keep them all around to annoy their kids and grandkids instead.

  3. For my hood I had it set up where if they could afford it they would send their parents to a home or if the parent and child was close I keep them home. It seems more realistic.

    1. In this particular aspect of my game, I finally came to the conclusion that I don't care much about realism at all! It's all about whether I can play a household (or rather, whether I can write an update about a household) without being bored to tears. The retirement home was definitely a failure in that regard. Having elders living on their own in a regular residential lot is hit-or-miss! It's my least favourite kind of household, even now.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!