Thursday, 4 December 2008

Nelson and Gina head for the suburbs

Round 8: Days 36-40
So Nelson and Gina have packed up and headed for the suburbs of Sullivan. They decide to rent an apartment right above Sacha, at Twilight Senior Living Complex.

The move must have given Gina a new lease on life, because for the first time in ages, she gets the want to gain a skill point. She's 2 points away from promotion - she's been a Family Law Attorney for at least two full rotations.

Out in the hallway, Nelson is catching up with his old workmate.

Gina soon joins him and finds she already has a friend at Twilight too.

Gina wasn't sure if she'd like the suburbs much but she loves Twilight. She says her one true hobby is Sports but she's always had a knack for the more artistic pursuits. Twilight just happens to have a fully-equipped art and music room, so she's in her element here.

All the residents love the pool table too. This particular game went on for ages, with Nelson and Gina finally winning. He looks pretty smug about it here.

Sigh. This rotation, Gina got demoted from Family Law Attorney to File Clerk. This was her reaction. Then she earned her way back up a level. Then she got demoted again. She had the same reaction the second time. I don't think Gina will ever "become the Law".

After settling in, Gina invites all the Clarke kids over to see their new place. Xanthia is the first to arrive.

She brings along her husband, Stan. They only met at the wedding, so he doesn't have a very high relationship with either of his in-laws. If he's planning to react to all their attempts at conversation this way, I don't think that will change any time soon.

Drusilla comes for a visit too but doesn't bring Floyd along with her. I can only imagine his attempts at making nice with Drusilla's parents!

Galen came along with his sisters but Gina had to go and chase him down in the hallway to talk to him. He was distracted by the pool table.

This was a bit of a worry. Sacha and Xanthia have a 3 bolt relationship. Xanthia's married but I'm never sure about these crazy family Sims since Sacha.

He's busy with the single ladies of the hood right now anyway.

Oops, too much fried fish! Have you ever seen a Sim look so sad about getting fat?

So it's at this point that I decide to check how much time the old folks have left on the Days Left Shrub. Sacha had one day :(

Anyway, I'm not one for the elixir, so I let it happen. I didn't want to lose his grave like I did with my last Sims to die on an apartment lot, so I had to move him onto my testing lot to die. He died very happy (platinum grave!) so we can't feel too sorry for him.

Edit: I forgot to say that when Sacha died, his life insurance benefited 18 people!!! I think that's the most I've ever had. So he was just as popular as he seemed.


  1. Wonderful update! I absolutely love Sullivan and all of its sims. The sims profiles idea is so wonderful and really helps me keep track of who's who! I'll be back more often to check in with your crazy sims!

  2. Thanks, Mandie!

    I'm glad you like the Sim profiles and are finding them helpful. I play too fast to not have some kind of system like that, I think!

  3. Bye, bye Sacha! You were definitely an odd family sim. ;)

    I had no idea you could lose graves on Apartment lots... yikes! I will have to keep an eye out on that.

    Seeing your DB makes me groan and realize I need to update my own. Too many sims and I play way too fast, LOL.

  4. It was either Papa Giuseppe or Lidia's grave that I lost. That's the only time it's happened to me, to be honest but I can't remember if I've had any other apartment Sims die. :\

    I've read about too many other people having the issue to consider it a one-off though, unfortunately.

  5. I didn't know that - about losing graves on Apartment lots - yikes! But thinking it over, it makes sense though - when your last apartment sim moves away, the apartment gets reset - so I guess - if he dies, it has the same effect.

  6. Yes, I saw a hack that prevents it but I can't remember where! The hack brings up a dialog box when the Sim dies so that can move the grave to a community lot instead. I wish I'd downloaded it when I saw it. I might go hunting for it today.

  7. Oh dear... I didn't know you could lose graves on the apartments. Have you found out any more info about this? I was sort of hoping that any sims I moved to an apartment who then died there would be able to float about haunting the grounds of the apartment... Think I might see if that hack still exists and build a cemetery.

    1. No, no more info. It's just something that happens sometimes, I guess. I don't go in for hauntings in my game, so I'm not very bothered by losing graves, as long as the associated character file stays in tact. Because of that, I never really looked into further.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!