Monday, 1 December 2008

The perfect family

Round 8: Days 36-40

Simona Moretti isn't enjoying the last trimester of her pregnancy. She looks displeased with it even in her dreams.

She's glad when it's finally over. Welcome to the family, Filippo. He's the only one of the Moretti kids to get Jonah's brown hair.

Luckily, the girls are a bit more settled now. Caring for Filippo will be a little easier for Jonah and Simona.


Filippo's baby days zoom by and he's soon a toddler. It seems Simona doesn't enjoy potty training any more than she did with the girls.

He has that same odd look that Simona did when she was a kid (it comes from Chiara). I think he'll turn out to be interesting looking at the very least though.

Arianna (top) and Caterina have grown up a lot too. Caterina is Jonah all over.

Thank God they can amuse themselves now! Toddlers are cute, but the micromanagement they require drives me nuts!

Simona decided to take the day off work (she's a High School Teacher) to laze around in her pyjamas and hang out with Filippo.

Much bonding occurs. Simona still isn't very close to Caterina and she's always regretted it. She's working on improving her relationship with all her kids.

That doesn't stop Filippo from following Jonah everywhere though!

Jonah and Simona are so happy with their little family that lately, they've been trying to expand it. They've been unsuccessful so far though.

They should probably make sure they're keeping tabs on their existing kids first though.


  1. Ack, toddler on the run! LOL. It always cracks me up how they can just wander outside.

    The twins turned out really cute.

  2. I have a hack that lets toddlers (and puppies and kittens) use stairs. It prevents the wailing-at-the-top-of-the-stairs-because-they-can't-get-to-Mum but there's a lot more splashing in dirty rain puddles and wandering around outside in the dead of night.

  3. I hated how the toddlers kept on waking up in the dead of night - so I got the "TODDLER SLEEP THROUGH NIGHT PATCH" from - as long as toddlers go to bed after 8pm, they stay asleep til 6am - unless really hungry :-) And when I'm after a touch of realism, I just make them sleep earlier than 8pm so they can wake the parents up!

  4. Yep, I've got that hack. Arianna and Caterina were annoying at all other times of the day but they didn't wake their parents up at night!