Sunday, 10 December 2006

Filippo Moretti

Name: Filippo Isidoro Moretti
Age: 70 years old (died of natural causes, 2025)
Personality: 10-1-6-8-10
Parents: Jonah Draper and Simona Moretti
Siblings: Arianna Weaver, Caterina Sitko
Romantic History: Athena Gottlieb (ex-girlfriend), Maria Moretti (deceased wife)
Partner: None
Children: Caleb Moretti, David Sitko, Amelia Gottlieb, Evan Moretti, Emil Collins (stepson)
Education: College graduate (Philosophy major)
Job: Retired
Previous Employment: Multiregional Sim of Some Question (Adventurer), Game Designer (Gamer)
Businesses Owned: None
Aspiration: Knowledge/Family
Lifetime want: Become Game Designer (achieved)
Hobby: Tinkering

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