Friday, 15 December 2006

David Sitko

Name: David Reuben Sitko (né Moretti)
Birthday: January 4, 1982
Age: 64 years old
Personality: 10-6-6-7-6
Traits: Hard Worker, Brilliant, Observant, Trustworthy, Good
Parents: Filippo and Maria Moretti
Siblings: Emil Collins (half-brother), Caleb Moretti (twin), Amelia Gottlieb, Evan Moretti
Romantic History: None
Partner: Kirstin Sitko (married, Winter 2010)
Children: Camilla Benton, Lila Novak, Adelaide Sitko
Education: College graduate (Literature major)
Job: Chief of Staff (Medicine)
Previous Employment: Mime (Entertainment)
Aspiration: Family/Fortune
Lifetime want: Reach Golden Anniversary
Hobby: Science

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