Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Connor Novak

Name: Connor Axel Novak
Birthday: May 23, 2013
Age: 33 years old
Personality: 4-7-8-3-3
Traits: Grumpy, Hard worker, Driven
Parents: James and Madelyn Novak
Siblings: Aaron Clarke, Ethan Novak
Romantic History: Elspeth Royce-Nihill (ex-girlfriend), Audrey Benton (ex-girlfriend)
Partner: Lila Novak (married, October 2043)
Children: Jonathan Novak
Education: College graduate (Political Science major)
Job: Double Agent (Intelligence)
Previous Employment: Intern (Politics)
Businesses Owned: None
Aspiration: Knowledge/Popularity
Lifetime want: Become Head of S.C.I.A.
Hobby: Sports

10 Facts About Connor (written c. Sullivan year 2033):
  1. Connor is surprisingly skilled at just about any sport he tries his hand at. Except soccer, which his friend Lila kicks his ass at.
  2. He keeps his personal space (currently, his tiny dorm room) in a state of organised chaos. The pile of books or stack of papers may not make sense to others but it makes sense to him, so damn it - don't move his stuff!
  3. He requires complete silence when concentrating on a task and interrupting him makes him extremely cranky.
  4. All things considered though, he's fairly easily irritated anyway!
  5. He values rational thought above all else and he likes to believe he's more impervious to his emotions than he actually is.
  6. He was adopted at the age of 2 but has far more in common with his (adoptive) father than either of his older brothers do.
  7. Connor has a very specific path he expects his life to travel along and views anyone without a similar plan as flighty and immature.
  8. He hates being given advice. He will almost never ask for it and prefers to work his problems out for himself.
  9. Connor's peers see him as somewhat of an oddball but he's well-liked among them regardless.
  10. Apart from his political science textbooks, he only really reads science fiction.
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  1. The 10 facts are a great idea! #2-5 are so me!

  2. Danielle, glad you enjoyed reading them! #2 is most definitely me as well!

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I thought I was the only one who used the term organized chaos. I can never find anything when I actually do clean my space. How weird is that? =P

    Connor might find me quite flighty and immature. I know what I would like to do but some days, I really do wonder. And I'll be 25 this year!

  4. Choco, ha, no, I use that term to describe my desk! Some would say the word "organised" doesn't belong anywhere near my desk though. ;)

    I think a lot of people (maybe more often than not) are in your position at 25. But Connor isn't one of them and he finds it hard to understand.

    Thanks for reading!