Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The state of Sullivan

I just thought it was about time I updated you all on this whole hood rebuilding process. The quick method of  transferring my houses ended up not really working for me. The houses showed up just fine but seeing one of the four I transferred crashed when I tried to enter it (with no sim), I got too nervous about maybe there being sim data of some type left in the house or something, so I abandoned that plan.

My next step was to move every single lot in my game into the bin, families and all. That's done. The step I'm in the middle of now (and the step I'm not sure I'm going to continue) is placing all these lots in a throwaway hood, placing Inge's Stay Things Shrub on each lot and then moving the sims out. After that, packaging up the houses and putting them in a fresh hood and then moving in fresh copies of my sims.

I got about six of my unoccupied houses packaged and then the seventh one crashed when I tried to enter it. Sigh. Yesterday, I managed to package up 13 more and get into the crashing one. Turns out it's not one I'd use anyway, so I bulldozed it.

Today, I loaded up, placed the next house in my catalog, opened it and got the dreaded pink flashing. This is in a hood with no other lots in it and no sims at all.

So I don't know. I'm feeling very discouraged about this process. Every time I think I have things figured out, something else happens and I'm back at square one. I don't know if I should continue to try to save the lots or just forget about them and start afresh.

I have the sims - they're safe. I don't want to give up on Sullivan. Not at all. I'm just not positive what my next step will be. Honestly, I'm leaning towards starting again from scratch. Removing all custom content and adding it back slowly, as I need it. But I don't even know if that will work. The pink flashing is sort of a hard issue to narrow down. I don't even know if there was honestly no issue with the uberhood and that's why I didn't get any pink flashing or if I was just lucky. It doesn't necessarily happen every time I load, so it's really difficult to get to a point where I can say "yep, it's fixed now".

Anyway, I wish I had better news to update you all with. When I left off with Sullivan, I was really excited about some things I had coming up for the blog and it's really frustrating that I'm not at a point where I can share any of it with you. :(