Monday, 7 February 2005

Tracking and organisation

This could probably be subtitled "A Glimpse Into the Mind of a Complete Nerd".

I've been toying with doing a post about how I keep track of everything in Sullivan and I'm finally getting to it. This will be an opportunity for you all to either a) take some of my ideas, adapt them for yourselves and join me in my nerdery or b) point and laugh at the crazy person. ;) Up to you!

My tracking system is multi-faceted and I have two ways of tracking some things. The whole thing is basically set up so I have to do as little maths as possible. It probably looks a bit strange to some, but it really works for me.

First of all, I use Flashnote to track everything and I cannot recommend this program highly enough! It works just like Notepad, only you don't have to save and instead of having hundreds of text files that you have to open individually, everything is organised under sub-menus in the sidebar.

Here's what my Flashnote looks like currently:

Up the top, I have my Play Schedule and Aging, with Aging Threshholds at the top.