Thursday, 21 March 2013

Major leagues

Round 34: March 2040 (Autumn)

(Louisa and Jessica are 20 and Austin is 19)

Narrated by Declan Romilly

We’ve just started classes again for the semester and Justin has been spending most of his spare time at the natural history museum.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Lot tour: the new Novak Hall

When I started my Sullivan rebuild, I was fairly resigned to the fact that I wasn't going to be able to get a lot of my lots back. So I've been pleasantly surprised just how many I have been able to track down again, due to Pinterest or just pure dumb luck.

One of the lots I was able to find again was Apple Plaza, originally made by Babbelsim. I used it in Sullivan 1.0 and made it over but I was never completely happy with the layout. Having the boys' bathroom on one floor and the girls' on the other was more annoying than I thought it would be, the hallways were too big and it was all just not quite right to me. So I decided to have another go at it, this time learning from my mistakes with the first one.

My original makeover is here. I forgot to do an exterior shot this time but it's not too different from my first makeover anyway. Remember I'm still fairly low on CC. I will likely end up adding some things to this lot when I have more but I am mostly happy with it as is.

First floor layout. The original lot has rooms that are completely internal, as in none of the walls touch an outside wall. Those kinds of rooms drive me a bit nuts, so I got rid of them. 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Download: PSA Posters

I've been decorating a dorm for Declan, Justin and Xavier to live in and remembered my PSA posters, which I don't think I ever uploaded here. Or at least, if I did, they've disappeared from my uploads folder at my hosting space. ;) So here they are (9 more after the jump)!

1. "Let's Get Together and Feel All Right"
2. "Don't Let This Happen"
3. "A flap of wings yesterday means big changes tomorrow".

Friday, 1 March 2013

Far behind

Round 34: February 2040 (Summer)

Connor Novak is 27 and Josh Royce-Nihill is 26. 
(Araminta is 77, Sophie and Lila are 27, Elspeth is 26 and Oliver is 24)

Narrated by Josh Royce-Nihill

Working 9-4 is definitely preferable to the pre-dawn shift I had when I was first at the newspaper. I actually have the energy to do things after work now!