Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Novak 1

Malcolm and Hope first got together in high school and dated until they were almost finished with college, at which point they broke up after a fairly ridiculous fight.

Malcolm worked hard to win back Hope's affection and after four years, he was finally successful. They had both matured a little by then and their second go at a relationship went much more smoothly than the first.

Eventually, the couple were engaged and embarked upon planning their wedding. Unfortunately, Hope's mother Anna was keen to see things done her way and looked like she'd take over the planning herself. Hope battled with her mother for a while but in the end, she and Malcolm eloped to Cape Elizabeth. They held a reception in Sullivan a year later, which placated their families.

Hope and Malcolm sadly lost their first child when Hope was seven months pregnant. Their first child, Mason, arrived June 2042, exactly one year after the due date of their first baby. Shortly before the birth of their second child Caroline in March 2045, they moved into a new house with Malcolm's parents, Naomi and Owen.