Sunday, 24 April 2005


Below is a list of everything I've ever created and shared here at the blog. It's not much but I figured I would collate it all anyway.

You are free to do almost whatever you want with any of the stuff on this list. Just don't upload it and claim it as your own and please don't upload it to any paysites, even with credit.


Sullivan Primary School (the original version)
Kirby Market (original version)
Sitko Faculty of Science (link to thread at N99)
Exeter Aquarium (link to thread at N99)
Business Career Lot



  1. Hi there! I've been reading your blog for a couple months now and I'm a little over halfway through it! I LOVE your blog! Anyways, I was wondering where you get your eyes for your simmies? They're perfect!

    Have a great day! :)

  2. Hi Brittany, I'm so glad you've been enjoying Sullivan. That's always a great thing for me to hear. :)

    Anyway, my sims are using callistra's default replacements of the Just Reflect eyes by La_exotique. You can find them here.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!